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Smart Boxes

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"very easy to set up only thing i did not like ..." - by chris, comments
very easy to set up only thing i did not like was although i had paid for two mouths i still had to give payment details other than that i am enjoying it

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"Globmall Thumbs up!" - by mobileboy
This is a neat, tidy well made and feature enhanced Android Box. I love the mini keyboard with mouse touch pad. It's like having a phone on the big screen at the touch of a button you can breinternet, watch you tube or even download and play Pac Man. From the time I bought it till after it arrived the Globmall team contacted me to confirm order, and to also make sure I was happy with the product. I would not hesitate to recommend the box

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"ABSOLUTE DREAM" - by John Longstaff
I've had 5 Android boxes and without this is the best I have bought. It is very user friendly and the quality is Suberin. Well done I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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"Five Stars" - by paulosequeira (Liverpool)
Brilliant...very fast and gives the chance to keep update kodi in a very quick way...great

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"Performing as promised" - by JIMMY P. GREECE
Product arrived in the specific date securely packed. Installation was trouble-free (not my first android box).Did not include EU plug adapter but had already one in stock as no option for one was given in product page. The box is fast and responsive, interface is user-friendly, so no immediate need for a custom launcher. Google apps work great, accounts synced flawlessly. so no problem there. The box will be used mainly as a media player-streaming device and so far everything works great with excellent picture and sound quality (up to 1080p and 5.1 DD that I've tried so far). Noted 2 drawbacks: 1) No 5G WiFi, and 2) No bluetooth. Therefor connectivity is limited to the usb ports so be aware. To conclude, very pleased with the product and it's performance and only it's reliability is yet to be seen. So recommended as a good purchase.

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"I cannot praise this wonderful little device enough, just amazing!" - by Mr. George Johnson (Herts, UK)
Absolutely amazing piece of kit. I bought one just to test and 2 days later bought another two units!

I've been using an ageing, jailbroken AppleTV 2 unit for the last 5 years, sadly a lot of the support of things like Kodi on it ended a few years ago so I felt it was time for an updated unit. I had no qualms about using Android as I've always had an Android phone.

The unit is a dream to set up, took about 30 seconds to go through the set up wizard, connected it to my Wifi and it was working fine. I pulled up the supplied file explorer and media player apps, selected "Nethood" ( a silly trendy name! ), it searched my network on SMB and within 60 seconds had located all 3 of my media NAS boxes on the home network. Expecting trouble I selected one at random ... full review