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Small Video Camera

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"Good learning tool" - by Andrew Mclellan (Warwickshire, UK)
Used this for the first time the other day, just clipped it to the top of my safety vest. Really impressed with teh quality (this video is rendered down to FLV the original file size was 899mb AVI and really pin sharp with good colour. I have just started biking and reviewing footage like the attached helps me to see if I am riding as well as I could be - road position etc, also lets me highlight other drivers doing silly things so I can improve my observationn skills.


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"Highly user-friendly camera, but with several limitations." - by Hakon Soreide (Inverness, Scotland)
Is there a need for a video camera these days when you can record video with any smart phone or regular camera? Well, some might prefer to have a separate gadget for it. This one comes with a few pros and cons.

1) Relatively bright fixed f/3.2 lens.
2) Can also do stills, though at a rather quaint 5MP which, for some reason, can be recorded at 20MP.
3) Easy to use menu system.
4) Sits very comfortable in the hand.
5) Uses regular SD memory cards, just like 99% of all current digital cameras.
6) Comes with a nice hip holster bag that can be attached to one's belt.
7) The battery can be charged in-camera via USB, removing the need for an external charger.
8) Video can be set to both 720p and 1080p resolutions and two different quality settings.
9) The screen is still ... full review

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"Cheaper gopro?" - by Amazon Customer
I was really nervous about this purchase because it looked unrealistic to me. That an action camera could cost 46 pounds and still be good. I got it delivered earlier than expected so that was a nice surprise. I bought a micro SD card (because you have to) before I got it so I was able to test it right away and I was so happy with it! I absolutely love it. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that the small screen on my camera was scratched that wasn't cool but other than that I'm happy with it and I recommend it if you want something cheap and don't wanna use hundreds of pounds on the real go pro this is the product for you!

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"Amazing Bang For Your Pound!" - by daniela
This camera surpassed all of our expectations! I was really excited to buy the camera, because we have been needing a camera to be able to take video of our trips and moments in our life. When it came in the mail, the packaging was super awesome, very elegant and fashion. my wife even commented on how many accessories we received, she was pleasantly surprised. The other box had the camera in the waterproof case. The case is great, everything look like top notch quality. For this price there is nothing that compares to it. I have taken a couple of videos around the house, and the quality is outstanding! I absolutely love this camera and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to the Go Pro. I am so excited to take it on our first trip with it next week!

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"A very functional wifi camera - perfect for home security and motion detection." - by MD1980 (UK)
This Wifi camera is advertised and targeted at the Home Security/monitoring market and I'm pleased to say it actually works well in this regard. The main reason I say this is because it actually has a useful and adjustable motion detection algorithm that can be tailored and set through the downloadable app.

The camera arrives in a box no bigger than the palm of my hand and comes suitable equipped with a 5V/2A power supply unit. You also get mounting screws and some instructions. The camera itself is lodged into its metal stand and feels very heavy and sturdy - a good sign of quality. I also have to say that the instructions are some of the most well written, detailed and organised instructions I've ever encountered and are colour coded by section so you can jump right to where you need to. I was able to set up ... full review

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"spy camera clock, (not some spy pen or spy reading glasses (which for some crazy reason is mixed up with the clock review)" - by Big critic or supporter (Where I wish to be!)
I can only state that so far, it does what "they" say it does. I did think that when recharging the batteries, the cable plug would turn from red to green, but, buess not. I AM LAUGHING because upon reading all reviews, either amazon.com, or some other group, keep reviewing some sort of camera PEN, not this clock or, and, reading glasses/camera and other reviews about some completely different items! geez.....what gives here.
anyway, I AM REFERring TO THE SPY CAMERA ELECTRONIC Clock...which is on review here. Again, it is ok and does, so far, at least via testing for an hour or two, what it is supposed to do.

by BW
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"was easy to slot into existing box and once connected has ..." - by C. Tarlton-Weatherall (Nottingham UK)
Bought as a replacement for broken camera in nest box, was easy to slot into existing box and once connected has worked perfectly all ready for the nesting season.

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"Spy Gadgets 1080p Pen Spy Camera (Series 2)" - by J Hilton (Swindon, Wiltshire)
Having owned a few different spy cameras (2 previous pen cams and a key fob spy camera), I can say that this is one of the best I have used. It is easy to setup just charge it up and click the top button, insert a micro sd card (upto 32GB) and your recording.

What I like about it:
1, the privacy guard (this is only found on a few pen cams)
2, the fact it actually looks like a pen (will go into more detail further down)
3, the switch to change from video to photo, no more guessing

So I said I would go into more detail, this pen cam is probably one of the slimmest on the market, that means it actually looks right when it’s in your pocket, not like some jumbo pen. And it actually writes, so it is the perfect covert pen.
full review

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"Good buy" - by Martyn Jones (Shakey Bluesman) (Oswestry Shropshire England)
For the price I paid (£3.75 incl. post) this is 5 stars all the way. As I review this item the price is currently £16.22. This is still a good buy considering what you could get for this price on the high street. In Jessops, for instance.
The bags main compartment would hold a small camcorder or a bridge camera and the lower section for spare batteries and charger etc. The lower compartment can be detached from the main one giving good flexibility.
Regarding quality, it's what you would expect from a well respected company such as Hama.

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"This is a very cool little camera." - by TheChamp (UK)
This is a mini HD clip on camera which can be used as a body camera or as a little pocket sized cam to be used on the go.

The camera comes very nicely packaged in a presentable little box. In the box you find the very smart little camera itself, along with that you also find a very long USB charging cable, a UK USB plug, an extra back for the camera with a clip on at, and of course a user manual.

Taking the camera out of the box i was very impressed with the quality, it has a nice weight to it, but not too heavy either. The camera is really easy to set up and use, just turn it on, insert a microSD card (takes any micro SD card up to 32gb) and you're good to go. If you need any help using ... full review