San Andreas

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"Total destruction shown with great reality. Nice 3D." - by Andy
Never I have seen total destruction shown with such a reality. The story is light but the action is incredible. Also good acting for a disaster movie. The 3D adds to the wow. A must have for 3D and action fans.

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"Back to Grove St" - by PAUL MIDDLETON
The best selling ps2 game of all time gets a disc release on ps3.
11 years after it's initial release and some months after xbox 360 got it this landmark title comes back to the playstation family.
It's been available for a while on PSN store as a ps2 classics, but the main selling point for this would be the inclusion of trophies and a platinum which is much easier than any other gta due to no online,and increased draw resolution 720p.
The graphics look their age no doubt,but the fun is still there.
Burgalry,jetpacks,and everything u can imagine.
I thought the graphics at times looked nicer,colours at night seemed sharper but the character details were blocky and poor.Car details didnt seem any different to me,im not convinced this was given a lot of attention but as i said the main ingredient for me was trophies,nostalgia and fun.
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"Excellent 3D on this bluray" - by Andy g
Excellent 3D on this bluray , the best way to see this film,a good old bit of fun to watch , all films should be filmed in 3D now 👍

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"water every where" - by D.W.H (preston lancs)
weather chiefs track a devastating storm that hits London flooding most of it,a scenario that will happen one day and to show the queen ,parliament and armed forces come first we mean nothing in war or disaster,this is a good film to learn how to survive because it will happen and not just to london

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Excellent game son loves it . speedy delivery to.

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"Great film/great music" - by Ms A Moore (Howden,East yorkshire)
I have never been a fan of the song,Calafornia dreaming,if I'm honest,that is until now! As soon as the film finished,I was googling the song,and film,to see who sang it,and I will be ordering it from amazon.Also,as an added bonus,I will get the rest of the music,taken from the film,which is superb!!! It is beautiful,dramatic,and will sound amazing,on any decent hi fi system.

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"a book well above per for its subject." - by Mr Dean A Smith
Having been in the navy he writes with knowledge, the theme is based around the fact the HMS Edinburgh was sent to the bottom of the parent sea with. Gold on board ref lend lease. Which was salvaged many years after the war, a story which lays down the way this replacement gold was delivered works well. The twists and turns keeps you waiting for the end result so I feel that it deserves the stars given.