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Pulse Watch

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"Works really well" - by Charlie
I almost didn't buy this heart rate monitor because it is so cheap, but it works perfectly. I've added my upper and lower training zones to the watch and it beaps when I'm outside that range, which is exactly what I wanted it for. It's light and comfortable too.

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"Used for Swimming" - by Dr Who (Brighton)
I am an old man 62 and have just started to learn Butterfly. After two 25m lengths my heart rate shoots up. I wanted to monitor my HR (Heart Rate) just to be sure that I wasn't overloading my body too much and to check all was in order. Manually counting your pulse is of little use, as you are counting your rate that is changing back to normal.

This watch comes with a transmitter that you strap to your body; it is fairly inconspicuous; the contacts come just below my solar plexus. No one took a bit of notice that I had it on. Last Sunday I used it for the first time fearful that it wasn't going to work in the pool, and if it did, it was not going to be anywhere near accurate. Well I was pleasantly surprised that it worked like a treat. ... full review

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"Smart and simple" - by Arheddis Varkenjaab
This is yet another fitness tracker, and for serious sport types the ability to take your pulse is very useful. The best way to track fitness is by measuring your resting pulse, and the best time to do that is first thing in the morning, while you're still in bed. The Pulse is great for that, because it also tracks your sleep patterns and so you already have it on your wrist.

It's very simple to use, and quite intuitive. It logs itself to your smart phone at intervals during the day, or you can force an upload by pressing a button on the app. Reccording your SPO2 seems a little pointless, and it's not far off having a check that you're still breathing - if your SPO2 is low, you should see a doctor, not check it on this...!

Customer support is excellent, my ... full review

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"Heart Beat!" - by tone1428 (UK)
First of all what do you get for your money?
In the box you will find....
1 X C536X Heart Rate Monitor Wristwatch with 1 x Battery CR-2032.
1 X Heart Rate Transmitter Chest Strap with 1 x Battery CR-2032.
Both batteries are user replaceable! ( and oddly I have lots of these batteries in my cupboard!)
1 X Instruction Manual...This is probably the best user manual I have ever had with any of my electronics gadgets!
with the Instruction manual being so informative (and accurate) the watch and its multiple function modes was literally a five minute job to set up.I did note that there was a link to a You Tube site for instructions too,though with the manual being so good I never bothered, or needed, to have a look at it.
Next I do have to say that this is a nice looking watch, designed along the ... full review

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"Five Stars" - by engineer3
Good present for my son.