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PS4 Game Console

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"A must play game!" - by Tony (Paisley.)
So glad that they re-done this game for the PS4. Crash bandicoot was so much fun on the PlayStation before and it was always a game that you could put on and play again and again. Family fun as it is playable for pretty much all the family as well so will fit in anyone's collection.

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"Five Stars" - by LESLEY P.
Excellent game loved it even bought it on Nintendo switch so I can play on the go.

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"Amazing & better with vr" - by Aimee mcglynn
Excellent game ! Playing in vr with 4D candle proved to be the horror boost I was much needing ! :)

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"Oh. My. Goodness." - by S. Brown
After seeing this for sale on Black Friday I thought I'd treat myself. If you're reading this review it means you're thinking of getting one. Stop reading and buy it now. It's absolutely amazing. Easy to set up, and after a few tweaks of the settings I was roaring round the Nurbergring in no time. Lap after lap with a huge grin on my face. I even ended up feeling a bit sick because of motion sickness! Tried the PS4 Worlds too. It's so goofy you can't help but love it. I played a movie on my Amazon Prime (Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers) and it was just like being in the cinema. I used my own Sony Noise Cancelling headphones to properly immerse myself. The supplied earphones are a bit pants.
There are a lot of folk saying that their starter pack didn't come with a camera, mine did.
This ... full review

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"Fantastic game" - by David DC
Superb game, fantastic graphics and great game play

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"PS4 Cooling Fan Must Have" - by Ryan Sloane
Noticeable difference in temperature. At first the fan was a little loud. After 2 weeks it went away. Easy to install. Really easy. Makes the ps4 cool all the time , good little item for gamers.

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"Hours of fun playing" - by Adrian L.
An enjoyable thinking & shooter game

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"Gaming perfection........." - by Dee42
This game is just so good you really must buy it NOW !!!!, i have said elsewhere it puts a lot of £40-50 games to shame. The amount of love and work that must have gone into this is amazing, everything is just so spot on - playability, music, graphics (stunning), level design. The first game was excellent but this has really pushed the bar up considerably. Also the amount of content is worth a mention - it is huge and will keep you busy way into the winter months. Seriously just buy it any gamer worth his salt should not miss this work of art - perfection.