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"This is my third PS3, the previous two dying ..." - by I. M. Shaw
This is my third PS3, the previous two dying of old age and much use!

It is a LITTLE more basic than my first two (No HDD warning light) and you have to be able to plug the controller into the machine to use it, but it does what it says on the tin!

Well worth the money as there are plenty of games available - unlike the PS4!

"I used to own an old 40gb PS3" - by matonking (paisley, scotland)
If you've got an older console, i.e a FAT model, and you're fed up with the industrial fan noise literally drowning out the noise of the game then this is deffinately a move you will not regret.

Not only is the new console MUCH smaller, MUCH lighter, MUCH quieter but it also runs games faster.

I don't need to go into all the details for a PS3 as if you are looking at buying one then you already know what an incredible machine it is. Bluerays, free multiplayer, free (all be it a bit clunky) web browser, BBC iplayer installed, ITViplayer installed, lovefilm programme that lets you watch loads of older movies for free or new ones for a paid service but you can also rent games included in that subscription fee also. 5.1 dolby digital surround sound. wifi or LAN. 160GB hard drive to boot.

The ps3 is actually CHEAPER than an ... full review

"Good" - by john (Scotland)
What can i say? It is what it is, it works well and has a brilliant line of games. Even with the PS4 coming out there's still plenty of awesome games to play on this and they'll only get cheaper with the new console coming out. A new console that won't be ironed out and really worth purchasing until year 2 (think of how many ps3 models there have been).

"Mines just been dispatched and I'm so happy I'm a sim racer just awaiting for my PS3 ..." - by ASIF
Mines just been dispatched and I'm so happy I'm a sim racer just awaiting for my PS3 thank you all who I purchesed frm u guys are fast an dispatching great service will come by Thursday to Wednesday for me so existed it has been a dream of mine to have this set up PS3 along with g27 Logitech and gt5xl and gt6 (grandturismo 5xl and grandturismo 6 happyyyyy recommend u guys the same made my dreams a reality

"GREAT DEAL" - by S. Hawley (DURHAM UK)
We ordered this product and it came in the time span it said it would and was well wrapped up and delivered in a good condition, as well as being good quality and good value for your money and as described on the product description. I would use this Amazon seller again and recommend them.

"Fast delivery" - by Cjjj (shropshire)
I ordered this and it say it was going to take 2 weeks to get here but was here next day so really happy about that. What can I say it's a PS4 it's brilliant and all works great.

"Tasty but cheap Sony!" - by Troy German (Hebrides UK)
After much deliverance I finally was swayed towards this machine. I am in my 50's and wanted a decent Blu Ray player, and certainly got that.

I agree with other comments and it is a stylish beauty packed with technology. I feel it is let down by the lack of ports to connect to surround sound systems, and the lack of the needed HDMI cable. I found my older sound system was not compatible any longer. I have had to buy a new JVC system which has more than doubled what I first paid for on the PS3! I would suggest to anyone to check out your equipment if you want all that the machine offers. Luckily I have a modern 60 inch HDMI TV with every type of connection possible or I would have been looking to update that as well!

Great machine but know your onions!

"Great model for new gamers" - by Errol Monaghan (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
I had concerns over a smaller, cheaper PS3 released so near the end of the consoles lifespan, but the superslim is a great console. The same basic internals as the slim, in a smaller, sleeker casing.

The flash memory responds just fine while loading and saving, the console itself is maybe a little louder than the Slim especially when reading the disc, but not annoyingly so.

The chasis is solid enough, nothing rattles or bends, the drive door is sturdy. Upgraded mine to 500GB using a basic WD hard drive and the mounting bracket, both of which you need to buy separately. The upgrade is hassle free, and gives you a full 500GB PS3 which performs as well as any of the other models.

I would recommend this particularly to anyone who hasn't owned a PS3 previously, it's more affordable but just as reliable.

"Old PS3 40GB Review" - by Robert Andrew Edwards
My first impressions were very high due to the PlayStation Store, that I was always using because at first I didn't have many games. Online is free, there aren't as many hackers and it uses Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray is a lot better than DVDs becuase it can hold more data, more scratch resistant and better quality. Overall this was great. Until it broke, though it did break 2 years after buying second hand maybe third hand. It had a long lifetime compared to the XBOX 360 Platinum/Arcade. But I cannot get the system repaired. Which sucks. It also kept my COD MW3 inside. But for the lifetime span it lasted very long! Great product.

"An excellent Playstation" - by David Smith
I am a Playstation gamer through and through. I'd had my original 60GB PS for years and years, so when it finally died the choice of which console to replace it with was a tough one.
The original Fat PS's were plagued with the YLOD and the new Super Slim's just felt a bit cheap. So I opted for this, the 320GB slim. It is an excellent console, much smaller in form factor over its predecessor and much quieter too. It feels sturdy, with enough build quality to last.
The only criticism I have is of the blu-ray drive, which in this model seems to be much louder than in the FAT model's. Other than that, an excellent console.

"The best investment I've ever made" - by Natalie (Seaton Delaval)
Make sure you get this connected to the internet to benefit from all it's new updates. This console is absolutely fantastic! Although I was initially disappointed that it is not backdated like some older ps3 consoles I was astounded by how fantastic it performed. There is so much to do that it is almost impossible to become bored of it. You can purchase classic ps1 games for a small fee from the ps3 store and store a vast amount of media. What I paricularlly love is that it can connect with windows media player and various files on a pc, something which my brother has found impossible to do on his xbox (haha). Should you connect this to a hd television, you will see that the graphics are absolutely phenomenal! The internet is supurb although some sites are incompatable (such as facebook). I would still give this console 10/10 though.

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"Great Deal, would recommend PS+" - by Stephen Lynch
Excellent machine and a very good deal. Given we didn't want the game that came with the console (but it was still cheaper to buy with the game than without??), we sold that and between two people it only cost about £100 each!
For anyone reading this I'd also like to recommend a PS+ subscription. Is £40/yr and there are games released for free each month. Some of them are no good but frequently they're excellent (e.g. Bioshock Infinite, Jax and Daxter trilogy). I've downloaded at least 6 in the past few months, which would easily have cost >£40.

"Good Price" - by M. Pickett
Ordered for a christmas present, arrived quickly the fact it has two controllers included was great and my son was very impressed

"Brilliant console." - by Markster2018
Absolutely cracking console. A vast back catalogue of AAA titles. A top quality blu ray player.

Really happy. But I have a niggle. The controller has a mediocre battery life. And you have to charge it via the console.

I know you can use certain mobile charger's. But seems silly Sony didn't make a dedicated charger. Or do like Xbox put batteries in.

WiFi seems stable. Runs great on on a LAN cable. No lag.

Overall top quality console. Well worth it even in 2018. For the price you can't go wrong.

And the best thing all the call of duty servers still running. Win win win.

"1 star for the PS3 but 5 for customer service, average score = 3 stars." - by Miss Liz (West Midlands UK)
Item received was as described in appearance, however I had to return it.

On the first occasion that I used it, after about 2 hours of use, I began to notice the smell of hot metal. On examining the PS3, I found that where the HDMI cable plugged into the back, both the machine and cable were very hot to the touch. I tried the cable with my original PS3 and did not get any overheating, even after several hours of use.

The return of the item and a refund were easily organised. So I have averaged out the 1 star for the PS3 and the 5 stars for customer service.