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Portable Bluetooth Headphones

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"Gorgeously Rich & Comfortable" - by Paul W.
I have had many different brands of BT headphones. Bose, Beats etc. For the price these are wonderful!! The sound is gorgeously rich and very comfortable to wear. I wish I had these before wasting my money the others.

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"Amazing value and great design!" - by Jbmt
I always caught my arm on my wired headphones and when walking the connection would crackle when the wire adjoining my mp3 player would move so I decided to try a Bluetooth headset.

Amazing value and sound quality is excellent!

I like the added feature of the flashing lights on the side, although so far I've only seen red ones.

It's really easy and quick to connect and the quick buttons are easy to get used to and navigate without having to take mp3 player out of my pocket.

I love the way it folds up as well, and looks cool just to hang around neck when talking to someone.

I have noticed my ears get warmer, but I think it's due to the fact that all the headphones I've previously had entered my ear and didn't cover it.
But it's not an unpleasant warmth feeling.

Haven't tried out the radio function yet but will do at ... full review

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"For the price you can not complain. Recommended" - by BSK38
For the price you can not complain. Good quality, good fit (comes with different size ear buds), easy connection via bluetooth.
I used these with my phone and ipad and it works flawlessly. There are better sounding headphones and with improved bass over these, however they also cost alot more and are also more bulky. Recommended.

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"not dissapointed" - by mark brown
Work better than other ones I have tried. easier to work as well. pair easy as hell. Sound quality and build quality OK forthe price. fully charged and on the first listen got about 4 hours or so from the radio.Pretty pleased with them as just want for fishing and did not want to spend a lot.

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"Super crisp, amazing, bassey, amazing headphones. Would recommend these 110% from a picky buyer!" - by Paz
I hardly ever leave a review for a product unless I'm really impressed, I've sent countless things back because I'm just so picky with what I love, if I spend money I want what I buy to be the best.

The fact that I'm writing this it means I love these headphones. I have a paid of Beats by Dre...and this smashes them.

1. The sound quality, it's so crisp, I hear things in songs I hadn't before!
2. They're so comfy in the ear, soft ear buds that literally hug your ear!
3. It comes in such a cute and tidy box with ear buds and a lil bag to put your headphones in, proper nice touch!
4. The back of the headphones are magnetic, so it doesn't get all tangled up, again, nice touch!
5. They have a nice weight to them when you hold them, they don't feel cheap what so ever, but ... full review