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"Having used it for over a year now she has found it excellent for her needs as it is big" - by ACM (Yorkshire, UK)
Bought this for an elderly relative because of the screen size. Having used it for over a year now she has found it excellent for her needs as it is big, responsive and the interface is straightforward. The phone itself shows great performance and the specs are fantastic for the price. Can't go wrong with this if you want a functional and powerful handset with all the things you'd expect and require of a phone!

"Couldn't ask for anything better for the price." - by Laura Magill
This is my third Moto G series phone. For the money you pay you get a fantastic phone. Runs really quick, plenty of storage space and memory, great camera. Don't feel like I'm missing anything by not getting a high end phone. Recommended the Moto G perviously to my family all of whom now own one of the models and also love them.

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"Brilliant Phone" - by Amazon Customer
So I initially bought the Moto G6 Play Dual Sim phone for work and private numbers but it was awful for losing the internet connection, no matter where you were or what network you had. Aside from that the phone itself was amazing. It had a great size screen and clarity for internet use and the battery life was the best I've come across but obviously I couldn't keep a phone like that so I contacted Amazon and requested a refund. They were so easy to deal with. They processed the refund straight away and I ordered the Moto G6 Play Single Sim phone as all the forums stated the connection issue was only with the dual sim phone and I am so glad I did because I haven't had a bit of trouble with this phone and it is a high specification for a budget price. Also looks very ... full review

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"A great phone at great price" - by ljdaintyho
Look this is simple compare the spec of this to its overpriced cousins. The screen is good, the battery good, storage impressive etc, etc. The camera is better than you'd expect at this price, it has all the features you could conceivably want etc. Added to which if you care about these things it looks great, very slim, nice and shiny. I live in a household where everyone has an more expensive brand which they religiously swear by but have yet to find a single thing better on their gadgets than this.

"Highly recommend this phone" - by A13x
I love this phone. I did not need to spend a lot to get a phone that is quick and easy to use. I've been using the phone for a few weeks and have had no problems.

The screen quality is great and the battery lasts about a day. The software is efficient and manages the battery use and has a variety of features letting you personalize the way you use the device.

I highly recommend if you need a good phone that isn't expensive. The only downside to the phone is the lack of USB C charging but it's a thing I'm willing to do without.

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"Essential for a Harry Potter fan! Just what I ..." - by dragon lady
Essential for a Harry Potter fan! Just what I needed to protect my new phone. Fits well and the stylus is handy for clumsy fingers.

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"On balance, I am happy with it" - by P D Bucks
I bought the Moto G5 Plus 32GB UK dual sim version from Lenovo after quite a bit of research for my specific requirements.
Inevitably there are both good things and poor things about this phone (after 3 months). Hopefully this will help others:
Plus[:] Dual SIM works well (important for me) and is easily managed
The phone uses its storage much more flexibly than my old phone so with a large SDHC loaded there are no space issues
I have AquaMailPro as an email app and that works well on it
My previous Samsung S5 which was great but tired, must have blocked ads somehow, as I transferred the same apps, but an adware blocker sorted that out
Phone call reception and quality is good.
Network tower searching seems to be similar to other major brand smartphones
Robust build quality and looks like my old phone with a nice case
Average[:] Internet searches are imho reasonable to good speed ... full review

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"Quality Item" - by Helen Stedman
Very pleased with this item. Arrived a day earlier than promised. Sturdy and well made and perfect for the job.

"This Motorola One is a really impressive mid price range smartphone which....." - by ToP CoNtRiBuTeR
This Motorola One is a really impressive mid price range smartphone which has many high end price range smartphone specifications and features such as, a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass display and body, a 5.9" Max Vision HD+ screen, turbopower charging and a 13MP + 2MP dual rear facing camera with integrated Google lens and a 8 MP front facing camera.

The design and construction of this smartphone is top quality and looks very stylish and smart. This smartphone feels nice to hold but it is a fingerprint magnet.

The performance of this smartphone is very good, fast and efficient for most tasks and applications including multi tasking apps and more. I have used this smartphone to browse the internet, play games and test a variety of apps and the performance was fast, immersive and reliable.

This smartphone uses the Android 8.1 Oreo operating software, a Qualcomm Snapdragon TM 625 processor with 2.0 GHz ... full review

"Great phone" - by Amazon Customer
I read the reviews before purchasing this phone. I decided to buy it because I like Sony. Some said it was a bit thick and heavy but I don't have a problem with it. I would recommend this seller.

"Great value phone with high specification" - by Blue
I have the Moto G4 Plus a few weeks now. With a octo-core processor and 2Gb RAM, this phone is very fast.

Previously I had a Moto E in an attempt to save money. Never again! In the future I will always try to get the highest spec I can afford. The difference is amazing.

Hopefully Motorola will always produce these good budget phones.