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"A bargain at the price but don't expect miracles" - by Rog (Staffordshire)
It's not a Myford ML 7! However it is small and easily portable and for small jobs on soft metal and certain plastics it's not bad. A bit rough round the edges and don't expect high precision results but for general model making its OK. At the price it's a bargain just don't expect the sort of results you get from a machine costing thousands of pounds. Overall a useful addition to my model boat building gear and I can use it in the spare room in the winter when I can't be bothered to braver the elements to get into my main workshop and fire up the trusty ML7.

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"The machine arrived today unpacked and ready for testing information ..." - by Mummykins
The machine arrived today unpacked and ready for testing information given in sales and all documentation says 300mm swing, as I am a engineer I assumed that they had ment maximum diameter wich should have given 150mm swing but when I checked the swing is 90mm giving a maximum turning diameter of 180mm i have yet to measure the swing to cross slide, comparatable with other machines on offer it is still value for money at under £500 checked my tooling no shimming need , one massive plus is the digital speed display no more guessing.

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"Useful and informative" - by Jez W (UK)
My first book on metalwork with a lathe. This book walks you through the basic principals and doesn't get too technical. Would say that a few more illustrations would be of help as sometimes the photographs don't tell the whole story.