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Media Player

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Great Little Media Player" - by Shena
Great Little media player, I was worried that it was too good to be true for the price but I needn't have worried, It has played all my usb drives. It plays my 2tb WD Passport Ultra which is what I wanted it to do. Very Pleased.

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"Five Stars" - by mark
Great media player for the price does what it says

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"Crackin' little machine" - by jMiR
One of the best gadgets I own. Simply plug and play. I had Version 1 of this neat little box and I didn't know how they could possibly top it. Well they gave it a facelift and a single on-device button (power button, meaning you no longer need the remote to turn it on but still need it to navigate the drive) and they didn't really need to change anything else. It's definitely more attractive than it's predecessor and wouldn't look out of place with any set-up. It can be used as an external HDD with the USB cable which is handy and is compatible with HDD's up to 2TB. A little annoying it doesn't do 3TB's for a little future proofing but that's nit picking. This device will play anything you can throw at it. I am yet to come across a single file type that it won't load ... full review

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"A nice little MP3 player!" - by JW
A good MP3 player. It is compact and good-looking, so that's nice. The sound is of good quality and comes with an FM radio.

A couple of issues:

The player does not seem to remember what song you were listening to the last time you used it, meaning that each time you switch it on you have to go through setting up all the songs again. Also, the player does not support WMA files; it is a simple matter to convert the files, though, although I did not do that yet.

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"Buy decent headphones with the money you save on this player" - by Kev
I wasn't expecting much for such a low price.

The player is very light and feels flimsy. It wasn't clipped together properly but all I had to do was push the two halves together to get it to snap into place.

The headphones are usable but are hard and don't fit comfortably. They are better than the bin lids you get with Apple but that isn't saying much.

Transferring music from Windows was very easy. Just drag and drop. The only thing to watch for is when you connect it, you get two options. I tried the Transfer/Charge option but it still wouldn't connect. The simplest way to do it is connect the USB cable then leave it alone. Watch the player count up 1 2 3 4 5. Then the folder appears in Windows.

Music copies over ... full review

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"... are looking for something compact the remote is quite good I'd prefer my previous multimedia player the AGPtek is ..." - by Musashi (Kings Lynn)
It's okay if you are looking for something compact the remote is quite good I'd prefer my previous multimedia player the AGPtek is missing the chance to display preview of the movies also you don't have the repeat function. I can't tell about durability as I have it for a short period of time.

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"... type of media player a lot and they work fine, I have had 20 of them running for ..." - by Amazon Customer
I work in a Museum and use this type of media player a lot and they work fine, I have had 20 of them running for a year on a loop, the only problem we have had is when there is a power cut, they need to reset if you are using VGA, if you are using HDMI they are fine, very good pice of kit and at a good price 10/10

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"Cyclone Primus V2 2TB Media Player" - by Mike Hailstones
The unit does what is says and the Technical help by Email was excellent it now up and operating fine

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"Portable Full 1080P HD Media Player" - by Box of Frogs
For the money, an excellent propduct. I did find a couple of issues with it though.

1) It always fills the screen no matter what the format of the file is i.e. it expands a 4:3 ratio to 16:9 and there is no way I have found to force it to display the file format as recorded.

2) If you fast forward or rewind a file, the lip sink goes out most of the time and by a hugh (unwatchable) amount as well. It pretty much renders those functions useless.

I still give it four stars though as I can live with those issues and know I would have to spend at least twice the money for higher quality product.

Another issue I had, which was not a fault of the product, was that a HDMI cable I bought for a fiver from Argos did not ... full review

Currently unavailable.
"Five Stars" - by Michael
Love it works great because of this I have cancelled my Sky.