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Light Radio

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"Bright lights and smooth jazz" - by iZog Adventure (UK)
I've had this product for a while now and it has never failed to wake me up. You set it and it wakes you up every morning.
I sometimes even use the light in the evening to add a little more mood lighting.

Quality of the product I found to be better than other options on the market and setting are easy to use.

You can wake up to various sounds (no road works or diggers), but more soothing and gentle wake up sounds. Or you can choose to wake up to your favorite radio station. That's provided it's available in your area.

Buy it now and wake up happy

if you don't wake up happy, that's not a fault of this wake up light, but more a state of mind.


iZog Adventure

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"Good for heavy sleepers." - by Mancmt
What can I say ... it wakes me up when I don't have my face covered and when I do, the FM radio wakes me up, so I can't complain really.

The design is quite nice and the dim function is spot-on.

Wish it it had a small battery to keep charge for when the circuit breaker goes out - such a cheap simple feature to implement ...

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"I like it" - by Colin Graham-hyde (UK)
It is a very good product. Quite difficult to set up and the instructions are rather small print for an old geezer like me but I managed. It works really well as the light comes on 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. I would definitely recommend this product.

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"My mornings ( at 4 am ) have never been more smooth and easy than now" - by Sana
I have been using this Wake-Up light for about a week. My mornings ( at 4 am ) have never been more smooth and easy than now. Just change my morning routine. The only thing is I don't like the nature sounds. I found them too harsh. Great value for money.

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"Love this clock" - by Dane McGill (Scotland)
This is a fanatic alarm clock. If you don’t like getting woken up suddenly then you should try this gradual wake up alarm clock.
Firstly, the build quality is really good. It looks and feels well made and the design is really nice with the circular face with bevelled detailing. The clock sits on a textured non-slip pad and it sit back at an angle. Most of the face is actually the light, which runs all the way around the face. In the centre is a black circle with the clock display and 5 touch sensitive function buttons. These button control alarm, light brightness, colour and much more.
The whole idea of this clock is that it will wake you gently from sleep by gradually illuminating the light 30 minutes before the alarm is due to go off and when it does sound the light ... full review

"Works Perfectly with Plenty of Options - Great Idea and Well Made Device" - by SMS (Scotland)
This clock comes in a simple but effective box complete with a UK plug, a power cable and a good set of instructions. Everything is well laid out and very intuitive and I think I had it all set up within about 5 minutes and read and understood all the instructions and functions within another 5 minutes. The build quality is good but maybe a bit on the light side and this is the reason I give it four stars and not five.

It really is very easy to use and works very effectively. The mains supply uses a standard 5 Volt USB socket which is ideal if you want to run this device from another source such as a power bank. In addition to the mains power, you can run it with AAA batteries if you prefer but this results in more limited functionality of the device to conserve ... full review

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"Great alarm clock" - by Mrs W.
Great alarm clock! I work early mornings into late afternoons in a windowless clinic so the winter months are especially difficult to get natural sun light. The best feature is the night time gradual dimming, helps tremendously in winding down the night and assists in falling asleep slowly from a hectic day.

"Fast delivery, as described, loving the light." - by L. Gane (UK)
I am really pleased with this alarm, love the light waking me up in the morning and the sound of water. Arrived really fast.

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"Bright, brilliant and portable" - by Muhammad Ismail
The alarm clock is a lot larger than anticipated, which I have found to be a positive. The easy pick-up handle at the back makes it a portable device that is easy to carry from room to room whilst listening to the latest news bulletin or local station.

A perfect alarm clock/light for the kids’ room. They like to have a night light and listen to BBC local in the morning. This alarm clock does both efficiently.

The alarm click function works well, just hoped we could add our own sounds. The radio functions well too, good signal pick up and good sound from the speakers. Just don’t compare it with Bose speakers!

Admittedly, I found the included USB cable a little on the short side, but this isn’t an issue for me as I have a couple of 6 metre cables in the garage.

I ran a few tests on the energy consumption ... full review

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"Love It!" - by shops45
Looks great and gives a lovely warm glow and looks very retro. Liked it so much I bought two. Thanks