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Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Just the job." - by MR S.
Good picture and lots of extras if you connect it to wifi.

Currently unavailable.
"The best TV in this price range after long Research" - by Jack
My TV usage is freeview, streaming Netflix/Amazon, Xbox 1 (and will be Xbox Scorpio, so I wanted a TV that would support it's 4k)

I picked this TV after several hours of researching what TVs were available for a £700 budget and what features and specifications were important to get the best performance.

While many are important, the most important in terms of future proofing seemed to be a TV that supports HDR10 or Dolby Vision. This determines how well the TV colours.

The other huge factor is LED or OLED, this determines several things including how crisp the picture is and how much the picture 'pops' out at you.

There are also some other important factors such as refresh rate (how smooth the picture is) and response/lag time (how quickly the picture displays input). Also how the screen is lit from behind, whether it's from ... full review

"Amazing picture & sound, and great features" - by Del 58 (Essex, UK)
This is a stunning TV, and the latest model from the 2016 LG OLED range. I took a look at an LG OLED a couple of years ago, and although tremendously impressed with the picture quality, I felt it had a way to go to justify the big price tag. For instance, sport wasn’t as seamless as I would have liked, and there was some tracking and motion blur issues on the set I looked at. The other problem was that it didn’t upscale as well as some of the other 4K TV’s I had seen, although broadcast HDTV and Sky HDTV looked absolutely stunning. I wanted a TV primarily for watching Bluray, and and the forthcoming 4K content. I also wanted a TV that could do a decent job of upscaling sub 1080 content. At the time OLED TV’s just didn’t offer a rounded enough ... full review

Currently unavailable.
"Love it" - by corey
Brilliant television excellent quality picture for gaming and watching films haven't seen live tv quality but it must look as brilliant as everything else

Currently unavailable.
"Expensive but oh so worth it" - by Mr. S. Chauhan (UK)
I just had my TV installed and despite the cost of the set, I don't regret the purchase one bit. The picture is incredible - the depth of colours, the black especially is excellent, the contrast and so on.

Upscaling on this set is spot on. It improves the quality of any input picture I've thrown at it from Standard Definition FreeView to BluRay disk.

The sound from the television is pretty good anyway. I have a Sonos system connected to it so don't use the native speakers any more but the quality was very good.

The WebOS is also well thought out and easy to use. When I opened the box, I was irritated there appeared to be no manual, however after about 10 minutes of playing around with the 'Wii' type remote control, I found almost everything. A couple of features took a little longer ... full review