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In Ear Monitor Headphones

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"Five Stars" - by Charlie Yeo
Excelent earphones. Earbud fit is critical to bring out the true sound quality or else it can be disappointing.

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"really good! would recommend" - by Sebastiaan Hemkes
really nice and comfy headphones.
the buds supplied come in a range of sizes, and the sounds is amazing.
microphone could be better (call quality isn't always great for the other side)

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"Good sound quality." - by vicki treagus
Just received these pretty earbuds. Can't fault the build quality or the sound quality. They are so much louder than the sony headphones they replace. Probably just me being picky and wouldn't stop me buying another pair. Good sound quality. Would buy again.

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"Superb earphones" - by Dane McGill (Scotland)
Awesome sound and awesome build! That’s a good way for me to get my opinion of these terrific earphones.
The sound from these earphones is fantastic and that is due in part to the 10mm driver set in each earpiece. This fact added to the top quality materials and expert build give these earphones the look and the feel of true quality.
When I received the package and opened it, I was struck with how much attention to detail had gone into them. The packaging is really good with a fully illustrated sleeve covering a plastic fronted display box containing the ‘phones. They come in a semi-hard case in black and red (my motorcycle leathers colours), with a clamshell zipper opening. Inside you will find the earphones, spare silicone ear buds and a clip for holding the earphone wire in place. There is a choice of ... full review

"Initially tricky to fit" - by Dolphin
This is an attractively presented package that contains the in-ear headphones carefully displayed on a stand, secured in place by translucent elastic bands so they are unlikely to be damaged in transit. Obscured from view in the base is the storage case, zipped and lined with a pouch to hold the spare tips and the cleaning tool.

Although these appeared to be easy to fit with pre-formed pieces to fix around the ear, it took some time to select the correct size of ear tip and those pre-formed parts were bent the wrong way for the left and right ears on the ones I received.

There is a choice of four different tip sizes; the smallest worked well for me and in conjunction with the over-ear pieces once bent the correct way, meant they stayed in place whilst I undertook some gardening. The cable is sufficiently long at about 130cm to allow ... full review

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My normal listening headphones are the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, (32 ohm), and for my choice of music being classical, these are excellent, so it would be very unfair to compare the 2, especially as the DT 770s are nearly £100 more expensive, and these are earplugs and not full headphones, but compare I did - These have slightly more bass to the Beyerdynamic, but slightly less treble. The Beyerdynamic have a much larger feel - in other words, it feels as if you are there in the concert hall. But if I leave the comparison by say just a few minutes and not comparing, then these are excellent.

I put Beethoven's Piano Concerto Number 1, (1st Movement), and I am more than content with these. The volume can be very high and with little to no distortion. When the full orchestra came in, I was very impressed, with each ... full review

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"Excellent set of earphones." - by J. Havord
[[ASIN:B015XJM6I6 KINDEN Earphones In ear Noise Isolating Headphones with In-line Mic Bass Earbuds Headset Sweatproof Sport Running Gym Headphones With Microphone for iPhone iPad Samsung Sony Mp3 Players (Black)]]

Very impressive, with the look and sound quality, of these earphones.
The earphones, come in a very well presented little case, which is very handy for storage. Everything functions, as you would expect, but the sound quality was a pleasant surprise for me, handling bass and treble, very well. The noise reduction, is a great feature, one which anyone who commutes will love.
Highly recommended given the very reasonable price.

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"Great sounding and very comfortable" - by Maxh
Great sounding and very comfortable. I did a lot of research about these before I bought them - there is a great source of information on the Head-fi.org site. Extremely pleased with the build quality. These are now my goto pair of earphones.

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"Near perfection..." - by Mr. T. J. Vickers (Oxford, England)
Used these as IEMs for the first time last weekend while playing bass. Sound was crisp, low was punchy but not over-bearing. Highs were clear. Comes with 4 sizes of pads, the pre-fitted ones were a good fit for me and they didn't slip out once. The bendy section is just firm enough to stay in shape but not too firm that you can make them uncomfortable for yourself easily. Comes with 3.5mm to ¼" jack adapter & neat little hard case about the size of a credit card (but about 2" thick).
The sound isn't far off the ATH-M50 cans in terms of quality. I'd have to listen more objectively to make a direct comparison but I was very impressed. Isolation was very good, it took me (first time using IEMs) a few minutes to get used to and even when we started playing properly it still felt like a ... full review

"Definitely good product for the price." - by Arturs (Latvia)
Here are some of my thoughts after using these earphones for a month.

I originally got these as they seemed cheap and good enough to serve as intro product for this type of earphones.
(I intend to get more expensive Shure earphones later.)

The very first thing you MUST do is to learn how to insert them properly (I like to rotate them while inserting) and select a proper tip that will form a good seal with your ear canal.
Once you get it right there is no problem inserting them properly.

I like:
- Very good sound for the price;
- Very deep bass response (proper tip must be used and must be inserted properly!);
- Easy to drive - no special amplifier is needed;
- Good outside noise isolation - you can hear more clearly and use lower volume;
- Sound doesn't leak - other people practically don't hear what you are listening to.
- Cable can be changed ... full review