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by BT
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"Though pricey - first solution that has truly given whole house coverage" - by Ginola14 (Knebworth, UK)
We live in a Tardis of a house - that sprawls and rambles 2/3 around on the ground floor. Some 4,000 square feet. We are still with the HomeHub5 - and have spent plenty on range extenders with at best limited success.
Then I bit the bullet - and bought the 3 disc pack.
Prime delivered next day. Was hesitant on account of the premium cost.
No regrets.
Certainly took less than 15 minutes. The App was excellent in this regard.
Minor issue 1 - in order for each disc “to go Blue” - indicating excellent signal from hub or previous disc - the effective spacing is less than you might think.
So for us it became apparent that 3 discs would have to be at least 5.
So the cost rises from £180 to £300.
But it still represents good value.
Most importantly now Wifi is strong everywhere inside the house.
And 60Mb at the hub is pretty much ... full review

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"Urinary Revelation!" - by Duncan Arnot (Edinburgh)
This device is utterly fantastic and life changing. I have an overwhelming feeling of fulfilment everytime I urinate in the dark. I sometime get so exicted by the light that I wake the entire household to share the experience with them. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I don't think I could ever manage to live in a house without one of these ever again!

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"Would highly recomend" - by jue
I would highly recommend this product I found it difficult to set up I contacted the seller and they helped me step by step until i got it working .. very pleased with it and thank you to the seller for all your help

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"Excellent to keep meat cold And larger than expected Fits ..." - by Palle Jensen
Excellent to keep meat cold
And larger than expected
Fits a shelf in the refrigerator too.

PS) To answer questions I can confirm that the lid is hinged - really good thing and easy to take off if needed.

Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.
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"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
The best thing of all the and swift delivery

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"Amazing steamer, awesome water bottle adaptor feature!!!" - by Mr David J Payne
My second Fridja steamer. Top quality, already recommended to my work colleagues. Really like the carry bag it comes with and the water bottle feature makes it really easy to transport (see picture). Looks the part too!

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"is good protection when on the move" - by youngarthur
I use a few of these cases, to store earphones, as the hard shell, is good protection when on the move.Good value, well made.

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"Great" - by kim
Bought for my daughter's birthday came with easy to follow instructions, arrived on time.
Who doesn't love candy floss for breakfast.

"Bargain of the century award." - by Anthony
Goes without saying that spending £600 on something with no reviews is kinda mad, but I allowed it and did it anyway. So, I'm not the kind of person to ever spend what I consider large amounts of money all in one go, especially on myself. But my chromebook of 3 years is dying and I needed a new laptop. So after reviewing a bunch of asus laptops and looking at ultrabooks and macbook alternatives I came across this one. I wanted something slim with a premium feels with good performance, a nice screen that's 1080p and a small bezel, I also wanted it to be light lol. So I basically wanted something that was gonna cost me over a grand. But this right here. This is all of that, plus a light up keyboard with what I consider a great and satisfying typing experience, good battery life too. I ... full review

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"Best house product I've ever purchased (and Best grinder I've ever used)" - by Aaron B (Ireland)
My girlfriend and I have been purchasing a lot of household items since moving in, and this is, hands down, my favorite.
We have been steadily developing a coffee habit and decided to get an espresso machine, deciding on a Gaggia Classic and managing to snap up 2nd-hand one for a bargain.
Needing a grinder, we then bought the "De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder" (Which came highly recommended here on Amazon). It turned out to be absolute crap, and no matter how fine the grind was set, the coffee would always come out incredibly coarse. We bought this as a replacement.
To say it's a step up would be a MASSIVE understatement. This thing is a beauty by comparison. The array of grind options (60!) is staggering, and even at setting 21/60 (towards the coarse end of what the guide recommends for espresso coffee) the coffee is ground 10 times finer than the ... full review

"Great purchase" - by Dave2T. Good fun ~ occupying all those odd moments between necessities.
The Belkin N300 is very easy to set up and use within minutes. First used it in the house, a room furthest from the WiFi position, but found little difference. However, when used at the rear of the house, in a covered seating area, using a garage socket, some 30ft from the WiFi, the results were amazing. The signal strength going from one, hit and miss bar, to four bars. This product really works.

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"Excellent smart plug with good information and is reliable" - by tclite (S.E, UK)
The smart plug works with Apple's HomeKit and it works well. Simple to configure it has allowed me to make my oil filled radiator in my daughter's room smart. I understand now how much it costs to run and have been able to set up complex timers to ensure the room doesn't get too cold in winter. The Elgato eve app is really excellent and integrates well with all other HomeKit devices so that I can set triggers or react to events. I have couple it now with the elgato eve room so now I have set up an automation that only turns on when the temperature drops too low. This has allowed me to save money also as The radiator only switches on when needed rather than every night on timer. A great product that works reliably.

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"The Fantastic Fancil Fan" - by WPC210 C
So very pleased that I came across this on Amazon. I needed a small fan which would sit on my bedside table and allow me to sleep during this incredibly hot summer and this little fella ticked all the boxes. It was very reasonably priced, so much so, that I ordered another for a friend in need of a good nights sleep. It will, of course, work perfectly well on a desk and places where a larger fan might be cumbersome. So thank you Fancil. I'm very pleased with my purchase.