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Gym Earphone

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Great pair of headphones." - by G S (West Sussex, UK)
For the price these a fantastic set of headphones. I bought them for using down the gym and on the spin bike. They perform faultlessly and stay put as expected. A bit fiddly to pair with the phone the first time round, but once done it is really straightforward there after. Sound quality is what you would expect for the price. My only critique is with the controls. They sit on one side which causes them to gather one side when leaning over and bending down. A bit of pain down the gym but no biggie.

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"JVC Sports Earphones" - by The pretending we're normal Family
I was looking for a pair of earphones that hook over the ear but also wasn't too expensive. I decided to purchase these earphones as they were reasonably priced and JVC is a fairly well known brand. These earphones adjust to fit comfortably around the ear and don't need to be re-adjusted every 5 minutes. The sound from these earphones is good with decent amount of bass. The one feature these headphones lack is an in-line volume adjustment which is disappointing. On the whole, these are good but not fantastic earphones - but considering the price they are great value.

"Excellent earphones." - by Spencer P Lucas
Great product. Took a while to purchase, reading reviews on amazon of all the Bluetooth earphones and so pleased I ordered these. In fact I was that impressed with the quality of the sound, the comfort of the fit and the ease in the Bluetooth pairing process that I have just bought a pair for my son. Well recommend.

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"It over comes it's expected quality seeing the price" - by Amazon Customer
This product over comes its expected quality seeing the price.
It your are one of those people who dislikes the Bluetooth business they have these days and your looking for something simple and cheap but does the job than here you go, you found it.

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"A great buy!" - by Amazon Customer
I have not purchased earphones like these before. Very unique!

The wire between the ear pieces is hardly noticeable.

The sound quality is great.

I listen to music regularly and I haven't had to charge these up yet in the 3 weeks I've own them.

A great buy!

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"Very Good" - by Mr G.
I normally have problems with ear bud type headphones, these are comfy to wear, very light, easy to use. The sound quality is good, I haven't noticed the poor bass response that others have mentioned. Overall pleased

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"Good value and good sound" - by RichShone
These are reasonably good headphones for a great price. Once I had worked out the puzzle of changing the silicon earpieces (don't take both sides off at the same time as you need the correct side as a sample to put the new pieces on with) they fitted brilliantly. At first listen they weren't very basey but once I pushed them into my ear a tiny bit more they sounded really good. I love the magnetic option on the reverse side of the earpieces so they don't fall off when not in use. All in all I am impressed.

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"Brilliant" - by Hazel
For the price these headphones are great. Easy to set up, holds charge well and are very clear. The bass is its best feature as not many 'cheap' headphones have suc a crystal clear sound.

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"Useful on aircraft and mowing lawn" - by Custard
Ok- I have noise-cancelling earphones from a range of companies. Useful on aircraft and mowing lawn. These Bluetooth earphones are also noise-cancelling and perform well. Nice design but poor instructions referring to pressing "button 1" for access to power on/off/pairing. No diagram stating which button 1 is from 3 available! It's the middle one! Competitively priced and good commend from manufacturer. Recommended!

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"They work beyond a week! So i'm happy." - by Mrs F.
Third type of these Bluetooth headphones I've tried as they are ideal for running in gym. Hate all those wires that catch on stuff. These are only pair that work beyond a week. All others have given up the ghost - either because battery has been useless or I've killed them with sweat! Had them about a month and all looking good.
They could sit more comfortable on my head (maybe it's an odd shape) but otherwise I'm happy.