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GTX Laptop

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Great laptop for games" - by Alex
Great laptop for games. I played in PUBG, Fortnite, DOTA 2 at the maximum settings. FPS never fell below 60. Very satisfied with this laptop.
But the color of the laptop differs from that in the pictures.

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"The best laptop with a few upgrades" - by Joshua
I bought this laptop for £699 (bargain) as I loved the sturdy design and look. Since owning it I have upgraded the ram to 16GB, added an extra 1TB hard drive for storage and changed the display to a IPS panel I bought on eBay for about £43. In all I spent about £160 on upgrades, but in all this laptop is a beast, couldn't recommend it enough if you don't mind tinkering with it

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"Happy with this" - by Amazon Customer
Laptop seems good, I got this for my son's birthday he's delighted with it, plays all games well, granted not all games on max setting but very good for the price. I am a desktop man myself and pay a lot for my builds. This laptop fairs well against your medium range gaming desktop.

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"This a great laptop." - by Amazon Customer
Purchased this laptop after about a month of research. It is a good balance of power vs cost.

When compared with the Dell Inspiron (sp?) it seemed like Dell put a lot of cheap components in - including potentially cheap cpu paste which meant the Dell's fans would get louder over time as the cpu had trouble transferring heat. The screen on the Dell is also very poor.

Compared to the MSI and HP Omen this has 4Gb of graphics memory and has intelligence build in to switch between on board and dedicated graphics depending on load requirements. To me that means It's more future proof.

The chip is an i5, quad core HQ meaning it's not as powerful as the desktop but more powerful than the usual power conservative chips used in laptops. The i5 is equivalent in speed to the corresponding i7 however it doesn't have hyper-threading. Turns out hyper-threading does ... full review

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"and is fantastic value for money" - by Aditya I.
The Laptop comes with a 2-year warranty, and is fantastic value for money. The only slight issue is with the aesthetic - the lid is made of a material that gets a lot of fingerprint smudges. But that's a truly minor detail.

In terms of performance, this is a great laptop. The quad-core i5's are capable of being overclocked to 3.3 Ghz, and the Nvidia GTX 1050 is capable of running anything smoothly, meaning you'll have a great performance when it comes to games and videos. The keyboard is satisfyingly solid, meaning that typing is also great.

Would highly recommend this for those looking to upgrade to a gaming laptop, but restricted by price range.

"It will break your bank, but not your back" - by Prince Jaguar
Just to start, I have owned a gaming laptop prior to this which was the full force 1080 and I have owned three gaming desktops too, one with a fully liquid cooled 1080 in.

My advice would be to simply google this rig and watch and read every review you come across to get to terms with the pros and the cons, though one con that is missing is the SSD, it is extremely fast, say goodbye to load times that's all I'm saying, its just too small though, I would say either get the 1TB version of this or buy a portable SSD, expensive but worth it as they are significantly faster than the usual HD's.

my second bit of advice is this...if you want the best gaming rig and live in a home that you go to regularly then you will save a fortune and get much more bang for ... full review

by HP
"Fantastic laptop with only minor issues" - by Amazon Customer

Bought direct from HP Store, but I couldn't find any reviews for this specific model - the HP 17-w200na with 1080p screen, 8GB RAM, GTX 1070, i7-7700HQ (128GB SSD and 1TB HDD) - purchased in 2017 with RRP £1,499.99, in case they release a future Omen 17 model.
When I looked on YouTube or other written review sites for information as part of which laptop to buy, almost every one referred to the 4K screen (which mine is not). Some referred to 16GB RAM models and others to the 2015 or 16 models which have varying build quality.

Unboxing - 5/5

Arrived from DPD in a blue packaging bag which contained a standard box for the laptop. Inside was the charger, kettle lead, warranty info/quickstart etc, and the laptop itself. There was enough protective material to give the box some strength without going overkill. The laptop does come precharged (not fully but mid-way).

Summary: ... full review