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"It's a quality bench tool at a price you can't really complain about" - by Taylor
It's honestly.... a quality buy for how cheep it is next to more robust test gear. It's not going to beat out a proper lab bench Arbitrary signal/wave form generator, but on price alone this is nearly a home run.

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"Five Stars" - by MRMR
Fantastic value for money. Worked first time. The top of the case is even sign written. No instructions on assembling the case. I put it together using only the four long bolts in the corners, which cut their own thread into the bottom plate. I didn't know what the short bolts and nuts were for from the instructions, however, if you look at the Amazon photos, one can see that they are used internally as a spacer to prevent stress on the PCB. Mine works fine, but may take it apart and reassemble it as per the photos.

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"The scope does its job, but note that if ..." - by AV (UK)
The scope does its job, but note that if you're coming from a previous Tek or HP instrument, you'll find the pots quite flimsy. They do their job but do not inspire confidence. The rotary buttons wobble a bit, the push buttons are ok. Found out that the sig. gen. only has .01mv step, if you want to set an audio standard of 0.775 - you won't be able. 0.770 or 0.780 will have to do. The screen is ok but nowhere near the res of an older crt or a really hi res lcd screen. On the other hand, the unit is light and portable for those who need to pick it up from the bench and travel around.

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"Neat and worthy test equipment." - by Mr J.
While not being an expert, the features on this function generator appears to be good. Choices of wave form from standard to more complex is very useful. It will not get a great deal of use, primarily it is to check any losses in circuits, or measure noise which can effect signals. The interface is simple to understand, and the screen reflects what choices are made. How it compares with more expensive items I can't comment. It is worth the price tag for me. I also purchased a low cost and very good dual trace oscilloscope to increase my test gear, this gives me a less than £250 set of test equipment

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"Recommended." - by Lar reviews&views
Nice unit for a budget item, good value. Note that you'll need a BNC lead

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"Good value" - by Martin E (London)
This is excellent value and works really well. It has both push button frequency selection and a dial sweep so you can sweep a range of frequencies to get a plot on the scope of frequency response (which normally requires a ramp function). The best I could find with a fair bit of research.

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"Needed to mod this, and it is clunky to use." - by Peter
A clunky piece of kit that is tricky to operate, does no frequency sweeping, and shows crossover distortion.

I gave it 3 stars because had to modify it. I added breadboard sockets to the generator outputs (the bnc connectors are not much use), labelled pots and outputs to show what they do, and am adding a +-12V solid state volt factory so that the device only requires 5 V supply to operate. That said, this device is giving pleasure with generating stable frequency waveforms of various sorts.

"Very good, easy to setup" - by AudioPhile
Simple to use, easily to assemble. As long as your soldering skills are decent, you won't have an issue putting this together.

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"Excellent" - by Chjland
Excellent quality, perfect for all those studying A-level Maths (inc. statistics), Further Maths and Physics. Would recommend using this calculator from the start of college so that you are familiar with the layout for when using the calculator is required. Some of the functions are very useful for checking answers in the exams in the AS papers as well! Would recommend.

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"Siglent SDG 1025" - by Piggy Bank (UK)
I was a test & Measurement Engineer for years used to expensive HP/Agilent and Tek pro kit. I did not expect much from a Chinese made product at this price and had even considered buying a 'traditional' pulse generator used. I am glad I didn't.

I paid a bit more for this1025- 25Mhz version, mainly for a bit of future proofing. I am now a home/hobby enthusiast and decided a multi-function generator would suit, having accepted there would be compromises over performance compared to single function units. I was surprised because the spec. for the SDG 1025 is quite respectable even for sine waves and audio testing.

I have only used the generator for a few hours, so this is not a full tech. review. My first test is to see what I can do without reading the manual out of the box. The SDG 1025 is quite intuitive and ... full review

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"Fantastic waveform generator." - by Ted.T
Fantastic waveform generator, well built and reasonably intuitive and easy to use (needs to be, because the instructions are close to non-existent). Keep up the good work Siglent. I need to go 120Mhz now!

"Nice little generator." - by gpaleo
Fairly easy to assemble and operate.
Goes only to 10k though (sine 200k). A bit larger than expected. A bit overpriced.