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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Good but flawed." - by Crom
I'm going to try to focus on some of the less talked about features but first, my initial impression:

I've had the camera now for 3 days and have come from a Mark II. It's a quantum leap in AF and the quality of the shots (noise, dynamic range etc) are in a different league - I am overall very happy with my purchase (from John Lewis, for an extra year's guarantee). I don't really care about video so I can ignore all the hoo ha online about how pants the 5d4 video is. It doesn't look like the most customer-friendly codec or crop and Canon appear to be more interested in protecting their business than attracting new users to the 5D range, but hey...the stills are great. It's a MUCH better tool to take photographs with, much more enjoyable to use and the results are better. The viewfinder ... full review

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"Expensive but worthwhile." - by GB
Although hugely overpriced for what is essentially elaborately moulded plastic, it is nicely designed to fit with the Canon 5DmkIV. The outside of the grip is really well built and internally they have updated how the battery cover sits inside.

My only major gripe (especially for the price) is that the internal tray that the two batteries sit in is really cheap quality plastic (I actually laughed out laugh when I first saw it). I've used the grips for the mkII and mkIII, both had MUCH better quality battery trays. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the end of the world, but it's not really what you'd expect from a Canon battery grip - maybe alright for a third party Chinese knock-off, but not when you're charging nearly £300 for one.

That said, I don't regret buying it, completes the camera (aesthetically) nicely and makes it SO much ... full review

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"Even so at this price point these batteries are very good value. I would buy again" - by NAB (UK)
As well as the genuine Canon batteres I also use cheaper alternatives in my EOS 7D & 7D MK II. These batteries are rated at 1800 mAH but do not last as long as the Canon batteries which are also rated at 1800 mAH. Even so at this price point these batteries are very good value. I would buy again.

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"Brilliant. I had some extra lenses from my OM10 ..." - by Brian Summerhayes
Brilliant. I had some extra lenses from my OM10 camera outfit which cost a fair bit to buy at the time and I never got to use them so saw this item and bingo !!! Just the job for my Canon 40D .would recommend product and retailer . Quick delivery.

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"Small charger for ENEL14 batteries" - by B. M. Thompson (Hales, Norfolk, UK)
Charges 2 ENEL14 batteries overnight. Works just as well as a branded charger. Can either charge via usb or with a usb plug. Great to have in your camera bag.

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"... service and speed of delivery and items have been fantastic 5 out of 5" - by peter harris
I have been a customer for a number of years and the service and speed of delivery and items have been fantastic 5 out of 5 consistently

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"Excellent service and prompt delivery" - by Cornish Wasp
Excellent service and prompt delivery. Of course, Li-Ion batteries are problematic to transport but this was surmounted excellently. Battery went straight into my camera, the 5DIV recognised it straight away, I didn't even have to go through the registration process. Too early to say what the recharge rate will be like but it's a huge amount cheaper than buying a LPE6N for sure and will provide an excellent backup anyway !