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Bluetooth Tracker

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"Couldn't live without it" - by Amazon Customer
Amazing product. I use it every day and have bought some for presents too.

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"Tiny but powerful" - by Bart P (North East)
I am person who lost wallet hundred times. I always can’t to find it if while I’m in hurry.
I had no clue about this product, but my friend to recommended me, he said ‘’it will fork you’’… actually he was right. Anti-Los tracker work just perfect with my phone. Device is so easy to pair with phone, all you have to do is download app, turn ON Bluetooth and that’s all. I tested device with other phone first, so I wasn’t able to pair device with my phone, because you have to remove device from first device, and then pair with another one, which is quite smart.

Device is so tiny and almost invisible in my wallet. You can also attach device to your keys, but I decided to keep it in my wallet anyway.

When you pair your anti lost device, you can hear them in ... full review

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"Five Star" - by lisa alexander
I bought this product to help me keep track of my cat. She loves to be outside but I'm very afraid of traffic. I use the phone keep tabs on her and make sure she doesn't leave the yard.
I don't need to go looking for her anymore now, and she will come back to my sight as I press the key.
This has been worth every penny.

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"The best BT trackers on the market with some small issues" - by Mr Vain (Warsaw, Poland)
I think Lapa 2 are the best Bluetooth trackers available on the market right now, but it does not mean it is flawless. I use it to track my keys, wallet, handbag & backpack with my guns. It was also nice to track my daughter in the mall (Lapa in her handbag) or the luggage while traveling abroad, especially once it was transferred by bus in the luggage compartment in some wild country ;-)

What I like:
- well designed smartphone app
- Safety Mode where your Lapas are constantly tracked and you are notified once you leave it somewhere
- Silent Spots mode when it won't notify you about leaving your Lapas if your smartphone is connected to selected WiFis (like at home)
- you can press the button on any of your Lapas to make your smartphone ring (in case you lost it somewhere)
- you can ... full review

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"but a bit annoying. Worth getting if you know what you're doing ..." - by M. H. Eales (portsmouth, UK)
Seems to work ok, but the instructions werent in English, so i had to look online for them. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying. Worth getting if you know what you're doing or dont mind doing a bit of hunting.

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"Nakosite fitness tracker" - by Amazon Customer
Having had this a week now I find it works just as well as my partners Fitbit fitness activity tracker, found it very easy to set up the only problem I find is the strap could be better as it can come undone easy if you not careful hence I've only given 4 stars

Currently unavailable.
"Great value fitness tracker with lots of added features" - by TT
I have bought a few of these fitness trackers now both for myself and my children. They all have similar functions and operate in a similar way. This one stands out for me as it's slightly different in several features. I've listed my favourite things about this watch:

1. I really like the strap on this one, it is comfortable to wear and feels secure when on, it's actually quite lightweight and comfy enough for me to forget it's on.
2. I like the simplicity of installing the app for this watch, you just scan the QR code, very easy and quick and it makes sure you get the right app.
3. I like how it links to your phone, you can see when you've got messages, notifications, etc.
4. I also like the display, clear and bright and easy to control with touch.
5. It ... full review

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"Not only that but i just got fed up with trying to get thewatch and app to sync because bt wouldn't turn on ..." - by Liam S
I brought this fitness tracker to replace a cheaper one i had brought the ID107 which is known under many differrent names, the reason for this was because while the ID107 did track my activity the application was poorly desinged and on the last update wiped all the data collected! Not only that but i just got fed up with trying to get the watch and app to sync because bt wouldn't turn on the majority of the time (took three days to turn off one alarm)

Now, onto the Mi Band 2...

The Mi Band 2 is a decent fitness tracker for the price and has a good working applciation that is always connected to the watch as i leave BT on, this mean i can make changes to settings quickly and easilly when i wish.
Being able to change the strap means that if your old ... full review

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"A couple of little niggles." - by Michelle Jaundrell (Merseyside UK)
I was given this item to leave a unbiased and truthful review. I have worn it constantly for 38 hours. There's a couple of things that are disappointing but all in all its great for me personally. Firstly the app is very easy to find, install and use. It connects upto the watch without any problems. I couldn't get the heart monitor to work on it though. You can set it to alert you when you receive a message from sms, Facebook, whatsapp, email ect. This can be customised in app. The message notifications are shown on a very clear screen and you swipe to dismiss (the screen is touch sensitive and easy to use) it shows you who the message is from and a preview of it, very handy for when you're out and about or driving and your phone is on silent! You can also set alarms and ... full review