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"Decent hardware And A Bargain For The Tech Savvy" - by David B.
To be honest the whole tablet concept is a bit rubbish as people expect too much from them, they aren't a laptop replacement unless you spend the same money that would buy a decent laptop but they are better than any phone if you're sat on the sofa in the evening. I use them for Readly, a bit of Facebook/Twitter and reading books mostly - 7" tablets are really slightly too small - 10" and you may as well use a laptop instead.

I have had a couple of 7" Fires in the past and both failed due to the charge port issue, I'm hoping this has been fixed because it's actually a really good tablet for the price and the things tablets are designed to do, decent screen, 5G internet and enough RAM to do tablet things. for £50 it's genuinely brilliant..... as long as it keeps charging and that's ... full review

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"Highly Rated until now" - by Alice (Glasgow, Scotland)
Edit: Disappointed that Amazon and Google can't come into agreement about Google YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, but at least the site is available on the Silk browser. Original review: This 2017 version is so much better than I thought it would be - although it's all Amazon-oriented, I can still get most of my Android Apps, gmail, etc just like on my Android tablet. I went for the larger internal memory and paid £10 to have the Special Offers (advertising!) removed, well worth it.. It was bought primarily to store my Audible books (on a separately-purchased SanDisk 64GB microSD card), and it works so well as a player, for tucking under pillow with the Sleep Timer set. I definitely prefer this smaller size tablet. Screen is sharp, though I haven't yet bothered with the camera.

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"Superb value quality 10" tablet." - by Graham Dickinson
I have had this about three weeks now and love it, I bought the 64 Gb model as it was recommended in a YouTube review as being faster. The thing I love most is I'm sure it is safer than having a laptop on my legs for hours at a time cooking my :). Don't let the lock screen adverts put you off as one swipe and they're gone, the picture is dead sharp and no lag when switching between tabs etc. The sound quality is great and a must for Amazon prime members with Alexa as a bonus. The silk browser is more or less identical to google and the app store is fine. When buying i intended to download google play store but really I have not found it necessary. Really don't hesitate the tablet is really great I have no regrets at aĺl.

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"Excellent value for money, arrived the next day." - by Mrs B
Bought this tablet for my youngest granddaughter who is always trying to pinch a go of her big cousin's tablet, which was double the price of this one, This tablet seems to have everything that the expensive one has.Had a sneaky peak when it arrived looks great love the casing, easy to use and should provide a peaceful grandparents house😁