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Battlefront 2

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"First review" - by Karen Wood
My son is very excited for the release!

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"An excellent sequel" - by GHV (Southampton, UK)
Unlike Battlefront 1, this sequel's major selling point is that it allows you to experience warfare in the completely new environment of space. Command posts are not used in these space battles, but instead you play until a certain amount of points is reached. Points are earned in several ways and are distributed according to the method you have earned them. For example, although killing a foe provides you with just one point, destroying one of the enemy capital ship's vital systems earns you 20 or more points.
These vital systems can be disabled on both the outside and the inside of the ship and include its engines, sensory relays, life support systems and the command bridge. During space combat, you spawn in your capital ship's hanger where a variety of different spacecraft are stationary and awaiting a pilot. This game offers slow, powerful bombers like the Y-Wing and Tie ... full review

"Battlefront Too!" - by elisabeth campbell
I didn't think much could be done to improve on the first game, but this is just magnificient! The new planets and arenas to fight on are splendid, except for Felucia, which i found haphazard at best. The space sequences are different to how i thought they were going to be and a bit disappointing....i assumed that you'd take off from a home vessel, invade an enemy vessel with your troops, and then what follows would be kind of like a proper ship based level. Not so. You do exactly the same thing in every space battle....board an enemy ship, destroy all the on-board components, take off and continue to hammer the ship until you win....boring.....Also, the ground vehicles have lost a LOT of their power....
However, the enhanced areas from the first game are amazing. Hoth, Naboo and tatooine are all improved. New levels like the Death Star are ... full review

"New isn't always best" - by James hobson (France)
Now i know that the game has been out for some time but i'm a bit new to reviews so i'll get started.

Star wars Battlefront II is a Brilliant game.When i first got it for my birthday I was overjoyed ,On the Internet it Looked a great game and it was.

Having already played Battlefront1 I knew the controls pretty well.But my God even the training blew me away.There was even more explosions and Action than an American cop drama.The grapics are a great improvement too I noteced this on Battlefront1 compared to B2.Battlefront2 is much more detailed.The option of more troops is a real step too, the chance to be a clone commander and just cut down droid after droid after droid with your chaingun(yes, you heard me right a chaingun).One off the same Problems was you couldn't be the Droids and fight the rebels(this being ... full review

"It's Star Wars enough said" - by Juegee (North west England)
Great game latest edition of the star wars genre. It's Star Wars so if your a fan you'll love it. Great graphics

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"Well-rounded design which builds upon the legacy of "System shock" through "Deus Ex"" - by Olaf Barthel (Lehrte)
Having just finished the first playthrough, I really, really appreciate how far this game deviates from what the first few hours suggested it might be. You can claim (if you have been around for that long) that "Prey" is drawing upon so many of its precursors ("System shock", "System shock 2", "Thief", "Deus Ex") that it might just be a riff on those classics. There is more, especially more deeper, varied gameplay and storytelling in the game than the first impressions may leave.

"Prey" is set in a closed environment (the "Talos I" space station), which you will travel all, and all over again during the course of the campaign. It pays to become familiar with place, so that when you need to replace your gear or make a quick exit to a far off section of the space station, you will be prepared. As you character gains new ... full review

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"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Very happy with the game and delivery time was much quicker than expected.

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"Best looking telltale game yet" - by Amazon Customer
On this physical version, you get the first episode pre loaded, and as the other episodes come out they download when you insert the disc.

It's early days yet but this has a better start than the hugely disappointing Walking Dead Season 3 (At the time of this post 4 episodes have been released) although it hasn't finished yet, I don't have high hopes.

Great visuals and licensed music are just the tip of the iceberg, this promises to be the best telltale game since tales from the borderlands, Batman was also great but it suffered with performance issues.

Stays loyal to both the films and the comics, any doubts just play the demo on the store, absolutely loving it so far hope it keeps up.

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"Excellent" - by BeppaGiosef
Great present for my husband, excellent game, the kids love it too. The graphics are so good it is tempting to just sit and watch!!!

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"I Might Change My Rating As Soon As I'm Sober" - by SlightlyWetFart
My copy had sharks with cowboy hats and bazookas. I think the developers are trying to mess with my head. But 5 stars anyway because the disc case had a BLT sandwich stuffed into it, and I was very hungry at the time.

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"Five Stars" - by Matthew Neill
Fantastic game

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"The force is VERY strong with this one" - by evil monkey (UK)
Battlefront places you in the role of a soldier in one of the 4 main armies of the Star Wars saga, giving you the option of what type of soldier as well as giving you the option to conquer the galaxy or go through the battles from all of the films.
The Historical conquest mode allows you to play through the major events like the battle of Hoth or the battle of Endor, even the clone wars. the idea being you select which war to go through at the start, be it Galactice Civil War or the Clone Wars. The historical mode can be difficult on some levels but is really enjoyable, especially when you get some of the main characters fighting along side you in a great battle, like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. The other min mode is the Galactic Conquest Mode, which simulates 8 different worlds, the ... full review

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"Very happy, the order arrived almost a week early with ..." - by Victoria Cutler
Very happy, the order arrived almost a week early with standard delivery. The stickers fit perfectly and are of good quality.