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"Mobile for the Wife!" - by S A WHITE
Good value for money!

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"Absolutely amazing phone" - by Amazon Customer
I have never had a smartphone before and purchased this as my very first one. Not expecting it to be a magnificent phone as I am not paying a hefty price. I ordered it for next day delivery at around 3 oclock, and it came next day at around 11 am which was excellent. Didn't have much time to set up the phone at first but when I tried to turn it on It wouldn't start, then realised there was a sticker over the battery, peeled it off and it started. I had looked at some of the reviews on this phone and a few others and then chose this one, im so happy i did for only paying £65 pounds for this phone I think it is excellent in all areas and am so pleased. It has everything I need and more. The only thing to mention, not bad ... full review

"Super phone at a great price!" - by Acestamps & Collectables
Lovely phone. Great size and handling. Bluetoothed my contacts easily. Lots of apps. Screen clarity is excellent. Great value for the price. My son has also now bought the Fusion 5 tablet and loves it.

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"Good phone with quirks, camera not special but OK as a stand in overall." - by Nume Newman
Having come from a windows phone to this android phone, its taken a little time to adjust to the different OS.
The phone itself is ok, It's £100, its not fantastic, its not poor, but it is ok for my current needs.
Good points: Big bright screen, nice and clear. Free silicone case and two screen savers, removable battery.
Bad points: Camera not that special, led flash is no where powerful enough so anything in any shade of darkness isn't worth taking a picture. Lack of decent camera apps in the playstore compared to windows camera apps and lumia camera.
Battery always shows as not willing to charge above 74-84% despite numerous chargers and wires. At 75% charge it states 5 1/2 hours left to charge!! Wtf?????
Android system
Android system, now i remembered why i dropped android for windows phones. Constant adverts and pop-ups ... full review

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"As unobtrusive as a good butler" - by JaguarJon53 (Suffolk)
I love this phone; the greatest compliment I can give my Cubot is that I barely notice it. It's quick and reliable and doesn't get in my way....unlike Google (but that's another story). Recommended.

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"UMI Plus" - by jeffkins
great looking phone easy to use more I use it the more I like it sizes of the screen still getting used to it super fast phone loving it more every day

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"Works with my phone." - by SPT
Good for large data transfer to my Samsung phone.

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"Awesome, well worth the money" - by David (England)
Superb, this is by far the best charger I have used. We were having real trouble charging a Hudl 2, this got it to 100% charge in under 2 hours, far quicker than the original charger that came with the tablet.

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"Does everything any other android phone would, but for a much better price!" - by Kes
My daughter had no phone as her old one had broken, and that was her sisters old phone anyway. I bought this on the recommendation of a friend who has had this phone for a good few years. It's brilliant. It's an android phone, so it does everything that a Samsung etc would do, but for a fraction of the price of one. It looks good, it works well, it even takes 2 sim cards if you need it too. We love it so much, even my mum bought one for herself.