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amiibo for Nintendo Switch

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Perfect" - by T. Giles (Kings Langley)
Perfect for my son playing on his Nintendo switch.

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"this is easily the most useful as it gives you 3 extra ..." - by tech book reader
I have all 3 Mario Odyssey Amiibos, this is easily the most useful as it gives you 3 extra hearts. Where as Mario provides invincibility (except when facing with Lava) and Bowser who helps with locating coins.

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"Love my Bokoblin!" - by Andy C
Great little figure. Never going to be the most popular amiibo, but when in hand is one of my favourites.

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"Amiibo for Mario party 10 game swipe to get extra ..." - by Claire L. Crimmins
Amiibo for Mario party 10 game swipe to get extra bonus' unlock yoshi's game board and is compatable to use on smash bros wii u, Mario kart 8, hyrule warriors & captain toad treasure tracker for bonus'

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"Lovely little guy" - by Poppy (United Kingdom)
Perfect amiibo for a gift. Sister is a big amiibo and Zelda fan. Quality is wonderful so good for displaying and can be used in lots of games

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"A rather attractive Amiibo." - by Psymon
Good price compared to some other sites/stores (bought at £10), and it does exactly what it's supposed to.

The AI improves fast, and can start picking up on certain approaches that you use, and can sometimes develop very basic, yet frame-perfect strategies to beat them once it reaches level 50. Perfect-shielding > up-smash seems to be the thing you need to look out for the most (approach with caution when within kill-percentage).

The figurine itself was well-presented, and has a clear-plastic stand unlike some of the other Amiibos.

Good, but would like for it to have been given better AI.

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"Well made and does what it does well." - by JayBee
Does the job it's designed for.
Holds my switch and stores my game cards.
I have mainly got it for protecting my switch whilst around the house and travelling.
The case is well made and seems robust enough to provide protection and it holds/fits the switch really well.
The securing elasticated straps are niggling me as I forget to take them off before lifting out the switch LOL.
I have a lot of dead space as I don't yet have other joy-cons to keep in the top bit so there is some unused space for me but i'm sure that will change over time. I would have preferred a section to hold the joy-con strap bars rather than just keep them in the top loose behind the mesh as they move about too much for me so at this point I am leaving them out and will pack them separate when travelling. I like ... full review

"Highly recomend" - by Amazon Customer
Loved this amiibo. If anyone is a mario fan I'd highly recommend this to you. Personally it's one of the best amiibos. The pain was perfect and packaging was great also

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"He looks so angry!" - by Amazon Customer
This amibo is much larger than the usual size ones. About twice as big, not as big as mega Yoshi. I can speak for quality because it's still in the box but it looks as good as you'd expect from amibo.

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"only one problem with great product" - by Lucy Morgan
excellent carry case, has space for my switch and joycons as well as for five games inside plus one more in your switch of course.
you can fold the internal pocket upwards and use it as a stand for your switch screen which is handy though i rarely use it.

reason for 4 stars is that while there is space to put the joycon straps, there isn't quite enough space so it stretches the outside of the case and leaves a mark after you remove them. annoying but hopefully isnt damaging to the case

"Brilliant cute yoshi my 26 yr old son has wanted ..." - by sarah Chapman
Brilliant cute yoshi my 26 yr old son has wanted one for ages! He got him for a birthday present.
Delivery was excellent and parcel was received in perfect condition considering it had travelled so far. 10/10

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"Not a traditional shooter fan. Gave it a go. Definately a Splatoon 2 fan." - by Chris Miller (Glasgow, UK)
I dismissed Splatoon 2 out-of-hand initially. I'm not overly interested in first or third person shooter games, and certainly stay away from online matches in those types of games if I ever do pick one up (I much prefer a keyboard & mouse combo for that type of game). After reading and watching a few reviews though I decided to give it a go.

Man I'm impressed.

I like the fact it's not a 'traditional' shooter where the aim is to rack up kills. Rather the overall goal is to colour the map with yoru team's ink, using a variety of different weapons. It gives me the option to go off and 'ink' parts of the map if I'm outmatched at combat, rather than becoming frustrated cannon fodder for some 12 year old with nothing but time on their hands.

I've only just scratched the surface having got the game a few days ... full review

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"Very happy" - by emma
Very happy lovely figures really pleased

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"A great amiibo for collectors and metroid fans" - by T.K.
A great amiibo for collectors and metroid fans. It points out where the next metroid mini-boss is in Samus Returns. It's also a little bit squishy to touch!

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"Perfect for ARMS on Nintendo Switch" - by Shinobi Ryder (West London)
I bought this specially for ARMS on the Nintendo Switch, so that I could have better grip. These are awesome and the batteries add extra weight for your light workout.

The JoyCon charge lasts long enough already, so the extra charging was not the reason I bought these. I wanted these to bulk out my JoyCon so they feel like solid controllers and comfy in my hands - mission complete, these are perfect!