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Alan Clarke

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"Excellent from the B.F.I. more please..." - by Benbow Hawkins
Well, I am very impressed so far with what I have watched, the picture and sound quality is superb considering the age, especially Last Train Through Harecastle Tunnel.
Some of these programmes went out as Wednesday Plays, Play For Todays and even Play Of The Month. Never thought I'd ever see these again but now I have them on disc to keep forever.
There are only 11 discs in this set as Blu-ray and 2 as standard DVD. Reason being the material sourced would not be suitable for Blu-ray reproduction. The 2 discs that are on standard disc... but placed in Blu-ray containers are Disc 9 PSY-WARRIOR and BAAL and the Bonus disc Half Hour Story, Shelter etc...but no worries as everything plays fine and so lucky to have these on disc.
Very well presented Box Set with a lovely strong thick card slipcase, a wonderful book and loads ... full review

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"Definitive tribute to one of the greats" - by Lomitas Temporal (Köln)
Long overdue, this is THE edition of the decade. A sheer delight in every way you look at it, and it's hard to believe films of that quality ever ran on tv.....

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"Will television ever return to these heights?" - by EM Eames (Wem, Shropshire, UK)
Alan Clarke represented the best of UK tv drama, a sublimation of Dennis Potter, Ken Loach and Mike Leigh.
This second collection contains The Road, which is not his best known piece but which (in my humble opinion) is the pinnacle of televisual art. Contemporary television is insipid and bland in comparison to these brilliant works.

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"Long overdue release for classic 30 year old tv drama quartet" - by Red Hand (Seattle, WA USA)
One can only sadly concur with the previous reviewer regarding the lamentable state of current tv fiction drama after watching these deeply affecting and bracingly provocative dramas written by David Leland in 1981.Remarkably, he was given a completely free hand at ITV Central by fearless Scum producer Margaret Mathieson to fill four or five hours of airtime on the subject of the education system.
Made in Britain speaks for itself and unsurprisingly, considering Alan Clarke's direction and Tim Roth's performance, is the most renowned and almost certainly the best of the four.
Birth of a Nation, an ambitious, subversive and wonderfully funny dissection of life in an overburdened London comprehensive, covering issues such as bullying, corporal punishment and sex education is directed by Mike (Four Weddings) Newell.His ensemble work, with particular regard to the performances of Jim Broadbent and Robert Stephens, is an absolute joy.
RHINO, an acronym for Really ... full review

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"if you enjoyed this, read Capt" - by Amazon Customer
This should have never taken 30 years to be released on dvd/blue ray, if you enjoyed this, read Capt. Clarke's book, of the same title, so you know what was going on in his head, you will not be disappointed.

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"Early Tim Roth...." - by Tim Kidner (Salisbury, UK)
I've always admired and liked Tim Roth, believing him to be one of the U.K's finest acting exports. I found this DVD at a local CashConverters for 99p and it sat on my shelf for a year.

Finally seeing it, it did not surprise me that within ten minutes, not only had skinhead Trevor (Roth) stolen a car but was also sniffing glue, with his room-mate from the open assessment detention centre that the Court had only just sent him to.

I so wanted not for this to be a catalogue of 'let's be as nasty racist criminals as we possibly can' but couldn't see how it would not be. As a pertinent statement on Thatcher's Capitalist Britain it certainly hits hard, with Roth being very believable and natural, his facial configurations often being a whole act in themselves.

The film does try and breakdown how the ... full review

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"Worth the extra few quid." - by Magnum Valentino (UK)
Finally, a decent DVD release for this classic of British cinema from back in the days where the BBC produced such quality teleplays on a regular basis. Preceding Shane Meadows and Danny Boyle, Alan Clarke was arguably Britain's most exciting and vital filmmaker, and surely its most controversial. The Firm is probably his best film, and sadly also his last, as he passed away while prepping a feature film in America. It showcases him at both his most focused and his most uncompromising, and probably presents as his most recognisable. His fascination with violence is at its most unflinching here, a progression from his previous film Elephant (inspiration for the Gus Van Sant film of the same name) which was comprised completely of murders and featured no dialogue. What's frightening about the violence in this film is that these men have decent jobs and family lives, and get into rucks ... full review