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"Excellent from the B.F.I. more please..." - by Benbow Hawkins
Well, I am very impressed so far with what I have watched, the picture and sound quality is superb considering the age, especially Last Train Through Harecastle Tunnel.
Some of these programmes went out as Wednesday Plays, Play For Todays and even Play Of The Month. Never thought I'd ever see these again but now I have them on disc to keep forever.
There are only 11 discs in this set as Blu-ray and 2 as standard DVD. Reason being the material sourced would not be suitable for Blu-ray reproduction. The 2 discs that are on standard disc... but placed in Blu-ray containers are Disc 9 PSY-WARRIOR and BAAL and the Bonus disc Half Hour Story, Shelter etc...but no worries as everything plays fine and so lucky to have these on disc.
Very well presented Box Set with a lovely strong thick card slipcase, a wonderful book and loads of extras.
Would be ... full review

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"Will television ever return to these heights?" - by EM Eames (Wem, Shropshire, UK)
Alan Clarke represented the best of UK tv drama, a sublimation of Dennis Potter, Ken Loach and Mike Leigh.
This second collection contains The Road, which is not his best known piece but which (in my humble opinion) is the pinnacle of televisual art. Contemporary television is insipid and bland in comparison to these brilliant works.

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"Definitive tribute to one of the greats" - by Lomitas Temporal (Köln)
Long overdue, this is THE edition of the decade. A sheer delight in every way you look at it, and it's hard to believe films of that quality ever ran on tv.....

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"Brilliant biography of a seminal yet overlooked genius" - by (London, England)
Alan Clarke was a major force in film. His work was uncompromising in its examination of the ordinary. Although not a name that would spring to most lips if asked to name great British directors, the body of work impresses at the slightest review. It is therefore important that his name and achievements be kept alive on our bookshelves as well as in the archives of the BBC (the very corporation which banned "Scum", Clarke's borstal masterpeice, and so forced him to seek artistic freedom on the bigger screen). Richard Kelly's book uses an unusual format to present Clarke as remembered by friends, colleagues and cotemporaries. The book is a conversation. Kelly manipulates the material from over 200 interviews into an easy-flowing chain of perspective. There is no, and no need for, an authourial voice, so brilliant are the interviews woven ... full review

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"Ken Loach DVD" - by Jen M
An excellent set of documentary style films which are so true to life. As they are now quite old, the quality of the films is not perfect but this almost adds to the atmosphere of the day. I can fully recommend these - and a good price too.

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"Brilliant Bucaneers" - by Brendan Ray Cyrus (Stoke)
Directed by Alan Clarke, and starring a young Gary Oldham. This brilliant movie (1998) is about football hooligans. Bexy (Oldman) confesses o his wife that he can never give up football hooliganism, because he is addicted to the buzz of it. Unflinching movie with many scenes of violence.

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"A classic. Gritty and realistic.." - by Stodders
Superb! As an ex Para who served on the border in Northern Ireland this bought back lots of memories. It’s gritty and portrays the combination of boredom interspersed with action at a seconds notice brilliantly. A great piece of British filmmaking.

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"Scum" - by Four Star
A British-made film centring on a borstel in the 1970's when Ray Winston(Actor) was just a teenager. The film is a classic, although at times brutal, racist and unrlenting in its story. In todays world of young teenagers who commit crimes of a serious nature, this film is perhaps a stark reminder of the consequnces of such deeds.

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"About time too!!!!!!" - by supersonic sams cosmic cafe (Birmingham UK)
I can't believe it, I have been waiting for the release of this little gem for years, I had almost given up hope, but the need to revisit my youth has kept me checking the tv guides for a 3am channel 4 slot, but to no avail.

This is for want of a better description a musical snooker film with a tongue in cheek horror theme, confused? not convinced? Don't be. If you check out all the web sites for this film, you will see just how special this film is to a lot of people, and I guarantee, that on the day of release, this is gonna shift.

Phil Daniels plays the part of the Kid (loosely based on Jimmy White), Alan Armstrong plays Maxwell (loosely based on Ray Reardon). Max is the undefeated world champ, The Kid is the young pretender to his crown. The music is great, the acting ... full review

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"Long overdue release for classic 30 year old tv drama quartet" - by Red Hand (Seattle, WA USA)
One can only sadly concur with the previous reviewer regarding the lamentable state of current tv fiction drama after watching these deeply affecting and bracingly provocative dramas written by David Leland in 1981.Remarkably, he was given a completely free hand at ITV Central by fearless Scum producer Margaret Mathieson to fill four or five hours of airtime on the subject of the education system.
Made in Britain speaks for itself and unsurprisingly, considering Alan Clarke's direction and Tim Roth's performance, is the most renowned and almost certainly the best of the four.
Birth of a Nation, an ambitious, subversive and wonderfully funny dissection of life in an overburdened London comprehensive, covering issues such as bullying, corporal punishment and sex education is directed by Mike (Four Weddings) Newell.His ensemble work, with particular regard to the performances of Jim Broadbent and Robert Stephens, is an absolute joy.
RHINO, an acronym for Really Here in Name ... full review

"brill" - by The Survivor (Wales, UK)
a clarkee at his best tho the first album not quite as good as second album.the survivor is brill should have been a single baby blue will have u dancing.from the first album betting my life on u is out of this world kind of country western ballad.I can never understand how allans solo work was never rated i even prefer it to hollies album.If u dont have an allan clarke album i recommend u buy this.THE SURVIVOR

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"Sharp, literate, outstanding and funny" - by Red Rose (GB)
John Hurt stars as controversial, real life, Conservative MP, Alan Clark, a man who sees everything slightly differently from everybody else. A man who schemes and dreams of high office despite a succession of gaffes, scandals (drink, women, ill chosen remarks) and self doubts.

Whilst in the corridors of power, Alan Clark offers his own inimitable insight to leading Tory colleagues during the Thatcher years.

This is very entertaining and many a time the Alan Clark interpretation of events will make you laugh. Amazingly this is 'a true to life' recollection of his diaries, which leaves you a little open mouthed, but it is all good stuff.


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"if you enjoyed this, read Capt" - by Amazon Customer
This should have never taken 30 years to be released on dvd/blue ray, if you enjoyed this, read Capt. Clarke's book, of the same title, so you know what was going on in his head, you will not be disappointed.

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"Good old fashioned thrills and chills" - by Mr S. Anderson (Fife)
Unlike the Hammer Horror output of the 60s and 70s where the majority
of the films were set in some gothic,fairytale,ye olde England type
land,the "Hammer House Of Horror" TV series takes place in the present
day(well...when it was originally shown in 1980 it was)which,indeed,makes
it a welcome diversion from the norm.
I can remember watching these on Saturday nights as a youngster and
the contemporary setting made it even more terrifying.No gore,blood,
no CGI or startling special effects,just good old fashioned thrills
and chills in a very diverse and entertaining bunch of hour long tales.
My views are practically identical to most of the reviewers here.Some
are hit and miss.My particular highlights include...

1."Children Of The Full Moon"-A variation on the traditional werewolf
story,ye gods....that woodcutter,that creature outside the window,and
a nicely understated and sinister turn from the legendary Diana Dors
who is not as benevolent as she initially appears to be.

2."The Two Faces Of Evil"-Full of nightmarish scenarios and i can
recall being ... full review