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Activity Tracker

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"Kids love them" - by Me (KENT)
Both daughters have one of these. Its far too big for my 7 year old and slips off (doesnt stop her wearing it like a bracelet) and Just about the right size for my 10 year old on the smallest setting.

Works well. You need to download an app and they love checking their results. They are already quite active kids but i think this makes it more fun.

Well made. You pull the strap off on one side and it plugs straight into a USB port.Usually charged in about 2 hours and then lasts a week.

Cant have 2 bands running from same device so my husband has one kids on his phone and i have one on mine. App wont download to ipads or amazon tablets.

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"Great sport watch you should have" - by Lily
Great sport watch you should have.It is beautiful , long battery life, easy charged , different activities , accurate steps counted., running recommendation .sepcially sleeping time monitor as I need.Will recommend to friends, definitily get one more for my mum.

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"So many great features!" - by Jen M
I’ve been in two minds about buying one of these or the more expensive branded one. I am so glad I bought this one! Does exactly the same, the app is fantastic, it arrived same day which was an added bonus, well package and clear instructions, only 1 hour to fully charge and I’m now on day 3 of wearing it and the battery is still 3/4 full!
It’s a lovely size and not too bulky on my petite wrist, I liked that!
As well as all the fitness tracking it does (heart rate, steps, calories burnt, activity time, step counter) it also has really cool features like call/sms/what’s app alerts, it vibrates lightly to alert me of message and calls and even displays on the screen who is calling me!! I love it! My toddler is forever hiding my phone so I totally love the ‘find my phone’ feature too.

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"Great value" - by asouses (UK)
Overall a really good watch for the price. Only let down by the watch strap that can come undone easily. However, I would still buy it again (esp at current price of < £50).

I used to have a Microsoft Band 2 and the Huawei (although less premium) is comparable in functionality (definitely more robust) but much cheaper.

- small and lightweight
- good battery life
- decent app
- great functionality
- can be used whilst swimming
- value for money

- annoying strap that can come undone easily e.g. If you catch it on something
- not actually a touch screen
- small screen size

N. B I use it for runs, cycling, step counting, sleep data and as a watch! I find the GPS, run data and VO2 max info particularly useful. I wish it had an altimeter, but given the price they had to leave out something.

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"Nice product" - by Mr N.
This watch does quite a bit for the money and ive barely taken it off since buying it in may. Although not the most accurate it does give a rough idea of heart rate and tracks your sleep well if you start sleeping within the parameters. Battery life is insanely good and durability is excellent. Very comfortable and easy to use. Seller is brilliant and will go to the end of the world to make sure you are happy.

Great product for the price!

In stock on December 30, 2018.
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"Very good, but strap won't last" - by TBow88
Very good device for monitoring heart rate and sleep. The heart rate is out by about ~5%, but that is always going to be the case with this type of HR monitor.
The sleep tracker works well and will definitely indicate if you have an issue with sleep or not.
The app is good for logging, although the bluetooth sync can be a bit slow at times.

The only downside is that he strap will fail within a year if it is used a lot. This is because the connector they use for the strap is very cheap and will tear from the silicon strap and then break. However you can pick up 3rd party straps for very cheap which seem to be higher quality.

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"Excellent item will buy again for family." - by gemma greasley
Really good value for money, a few teething problems to get the time set correctly but I got there in the end. Love this can’t fault it at all. Does everything it says and I love the fact I get messages pop up from my phone I don’t miss anything. The wake up feature is good too it won’t stop until you stop it. Very good vibrate on it too. Excellent and worth every penny.

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"Chuffed!" - by Jem
For only £22, I’m so impressed with this! Swift delivery, easy to pair with iPhone. Like other reviews, I wasn’t affected by the small print on instruction manual. It’s accurate with steps. I love how it notifies me of calls & messages, and tells me when I’ve been inactive after a period of time (you can personalise all settings). It’s lightweight on my wrist and comfortable. Very happy!

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"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Fantastic product for my daughter

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"Great Fitness tracker." - by Suej
I really like this. Was looking for a fitness tracker to record steps and also have an alarm on for an important job I have to do at work, at 2pm, everyday. Didn't want to pay a lot which is what put me off FitBit.
When it arrived I thought 'oh, here goes, I'll try and set it up': I was dreading it. However, it was so easy! Download the app and away you go.
I've added in a sedentary alarm, SNS to alert me when I have a message on my phone and I've linked it with Apple health ❤️ app.
When you set it up you have to have Bluetooth on in your phone. I've left it on but I'm not sure wether you have to or not. I'll ask in questions to see if I can find out as I don't like to ... full review

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"Really nice and easy to use" - by Venanz (london)
I relaly enjoyes using it, the watch check your heart and all the the fitness activity of your body.
the battery last long and I am relaly happy with it.

I think that this is a perfect gift idea for christmas or birthdays.
There is no need to bnuy more expensive alternatives.

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"Impressive little product, great value" - by Mishi
This is the second one that I have purchased. The first was for myself and this one is for my sister. I absolutely love this as it’s really simple and convenient to use and a has a sleek design, which means you don’t need a separate charger. You just detach one side of the strap and plug into any USB socket to charge! There are plenty of variations on the strap, which fixes with a little push-clip clasp
so is easy to take on and off but very secure when worn. I’m particularly happy about how responsive the screen touch is and the design makes it easy to switch between all the functions. The display is decent, bright and colourful which makes it easy to read. The battery life is amazing and would last for quite a few training sessions.

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"the most useful for me are" - by usTwo (London)
I was sceptical about this type of gadgets but after trying them I’m left speechless.
This one in particular is so thin and pleasingly elegant that I have a hard time to part ways with.
It is indeed a modern device, both in the features packed and the appearance; the combination of glass and rubber is truly appealing to me.
Even though it comes with a wide array of features, the most useful for me are:
The Heart Tracker, the Step Counter and the Calorie Counter.
Another great thing is that one charge can last up to a week. I’ve only charged it once since I bought it, and that took 2 hours at most.
If you want to keep track of your health, this device is a great start, because of the information it provides.

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"Lots of features and functionality" - by Seagull (Brighton)
A really smart device with excellent battery life. So far I have used it for a day and the battery hasn't decreased by 10% and it has worked well tracking calories, steps and distance covered while walking the dog and going to work.

I haven't managed to work out the sleep tracker yet. Tried last night but it didn't track and activity.

The app works well at logging all the activity and updates/syncs over bluetooth.

It is comfortable to wear and fits nicely on the wrist.

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"Great product" - by Caro J
Great product. Does everything it says on the box. Why pay more.