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Action Video Cameras

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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"Great quality night and day, perfect cost effective GoPro alternative." - by MR T.
I bought this as an experiment to see if I could get the quality I wanted out of an action cam but for a fraction of the cost of a Go Pro. The camera exceeded all of my expectations!

I attached the camera to my motorbike helmet using the included attachments. The adhesive is more than strong enough to hold it there with the extensions on as well. It has a wide field of view and captured the entire road.

It captures number plate numbers and the 1080p is very good quality. It also performs extremely well in low light situations and picks up as much as what I can see with my eyes.

I will be buying another one for my car and my van, to use as dedicated dash cameras as I am that impressed with this devices capabilities, and more impressed at the low cost. It also works really well ... full review

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"Excellent quality - beware if copying to Mac computer" - by Matt Welch
The quality of footage is outstanding, including sound (even that's not bad when it's in the water-and-wind proof case).

The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that I've struggled to copy the files from the SD card onto my Mac (file corruption on the 4.7gb files which is the maximum file size the camera gives when filming over a long period of time - it creates another file to continue seemless recording).

After taking technical support from both Crosstour (quite slow to respond) and Amazon (excellent), they suggested I try to copy to a Windows PC and from then on it has been faultless.

It's very easy to use, and the picture quality is amazing, particularly the colours.

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"Great little camera I can not tell the difference yet" - by jon baker
After my go pro took a dive into a lake without the float on (kids). Thought i would give this one ago. Wish i had spent £300 pounds less and got it first. Great little camera I can not tell the difference yet. Only had it a couple of days but a lot easier to use plus you get a bag of goodies too. So yes get this one don't spend out on the go pro. Jon

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"Lightweight and well specified for everyday use" - by Ian Gessey (United Kingdom)
An extremely lightweight action cam which is ideal for attaching to my daughters' radio control car - we have had some great results with it so far.
The recording quality at 1080 60FPS is excellent and ideal for capturing the speed of her car and the waterproof case doubles up as a shock absorbing cover if she rolls it - it will also record 2.7k and 4K but for my uses, that's not required.
It comes with a wide range of accessories, certainly enough to get you going- if you need any extra they are all a standard size "gopro" fitting.
It has a simple menu system and once you get used to it it becomes second nature, but for a cheap go anywhere camera this is ideal.
The remote control is really useful; for triggering the recordings and for taking quick snaps too - all in all a nice cheap, great quality camera.

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"Cant find anything to knock this, amazing value." - by fred
GoPro clone/copy, surprised when i opened the box and an avalanche of accessories cascaded out of the box. Pleasantly surprised when I started using this, instructions are next to useless but its relatively easy to workout its functions and to use it. Good quality stills decent 1080p video, expansion slot means you can have a decent size sd in there, so plenty of room for a days filming on and off. Connecting it to your computer to upload your pics/vids is childs play,use the usb cable provided and it synced to my win7 laptop with no need for any drivers (plug n play), and wow it did the same with my linux laptop too no need for drivers awesome. Cant find anything to knock this, amazing value.

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"Pleasantly surprised!" - by Maleko23
Firstly the number of mounts that come with the camera are plentiful. What it does NOT come with are harnesses for the body or head, hence the 4 star review. Otherwise you really are set to go for nearly any eventuality.

I'm also very pleased (and surprised) that 2 batteries were included. The charger supplied can charge both batteries simultaneously, and uses a micro USB (cable also supplied).

Video quality at 1080p 30fps is more than acceptable. It's not bluray quality but it will certainly suffice for those action shots. For your main vlogging or video capture needs I would recommend most smartphones these days, a vlogging camera or even SLR / compact camera. The 170 degree wide angle is also very nice.
I will say there is an option in settings to set the video quality at 4k 10fps. I tested it and the video looked as though it was buffering over ... full review

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"GeeKam Digital Video Action Camera" - by Mr J. D

This camera kit is very comprehensive and the camera feels high-end in look and quality.I saw this camera and thought for the price it would not be very good but I was willing to give it a try.
The video quality of the camera is very good. The video quality of this camera is far superior to my branded HD camera. The 2 Inch screen is a useful feature and great for quickly reviewing my footage.

There's a good selection of useful accessories. The battery time is just over an hour on the maximum resolution setting and slightly longer on lower settings. The battery took just under three hours to fully charge.

Over all I'm very happy with my purchase and I can highly recommend it.

Happy snapping folks!!! :)

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"good value for money but it lacks clear instrcutions" - by kb
good value for money but it lacks clear instrcutions. Low light video is bellow expectations and the battery does not last enough when using 4k.
it would have been nice if it could connect to the wifi as a client and not as a server so that one can connect it to the home server.
all in all you get what you paid for and a bit more to be honest considering the discount applied when I bought it.
would recommend it unless you want to spend double or triple the money...

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"Amazing, strong & tiny camera" - by Lala Malika Bourka
I needed a waterproof Camera to use for my online business. However, as I am just starting my business, I was looking for a very good Camera at a very good price.

Therefore, after long research and reading many reviews, I decided to buy Campark ACT74 and try it.

At first, I was skeptical. I though it is complicated to be operated, especially I am not very good with technology.
Also, I was sacred it won't take good videos nor pictures.

But, once I opened its manual and stared reading, I felt more confident at operating the Campark ACT74. I even watched a You tube video on how to use it to make sure I am doing the right thing.

It is as simple as any other gadget. You don't have to be a technology savvy to know how to use it.
All what you need to do is:

Take the Camera from its waterproof case.
Place ... full review

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"Awesome camera definitely use!" - by Omar Gumbs (Berkshire)
I bought this Apeman action camera for my recent Charity Mud run to capture all the footage of my run I didn't know what to expect for the outcome as I've bought other action cameras and they were not what they said they were.But it was a very nice to get such a quality action camera for such a reasonable price.This Apeman camera in my opinion is one of the best action cameras I've ever seen and used because the clear quality and outcome of the 4K image is wonderful. I would really recommend this product to anyone that uses action cameras regularly it is at such a great price. And also i would like to say that the anti-shaking mode is perfect it works very well for when I do Mud runs usually the old cameras would be very shaky but this camera give a perfect recording.

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"A great camera - never thought I'd be able to aford an underwater video camera." - by Dr Pepper
I bought this camera based on other reviews & because I could get it delivered quickly.
I've never owned anything similar so I cannot make comparisons - but I am very impressed with the photo & video images captured. I went diving each day for 2~3 hours & whilst not using the camera continuously, I did capture a lot of content & each day, back in my room, the battery level was never below 2 of 3 bars.
Having 2 batteries & being able to charge them (in the camera) via any USB outlet is useful.
I used a 32gb memory card - this is the max permitted size apparently.
I dived no deeper than 3m but the waterproof case was faultless - although the lens can be easily scratched if in an environment like diving from a sandy beach.
Sound quality is muffled when in the waterproof case - but I think this is ... full review

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"Time to enjoy this little toy" - by Marky Mark
Arrive very timely and boy oh boy. What a surprise. Its definetly worth every penny. Time to enjoy this little toy.

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"Amazing for the price!" - by Dennis Knight (Kent)
I have owned several cameras, a heke h9 was particularly good before I killed it, but this one is great too.

Great quality
Good menu
Driving mode
Great accessorie kit

No WiFi
One battery
Can’t think of more.

Get this cheap camera if you intend on swimming, using it as a dash cam or for just taking wide angle shots when on holidays

For the price you will not be dissatisfied.

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"Really nice action camera" - by Grace
Very good 4k action camera, comes with so many accessories. Used it for several times, I found the picture quality is great.
Really happy with it, I would recommended.