Gelly Roll Pens

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"Great jelly roll pens" - by Susan
Great jelly roll pens, nothing else on the market like it. Cannot fault them in anyway. First brought them from the USA, a box of 75. You will never find anything that will even come close to the quality of these pens.
"Five Stars" - by The reading dyslexic
Perfect better than a crayon
"Good except white" - by User
Every colour except white is amazing to write with. I've seen videos of people saying the white Sakura Gelly Roll Pen is amazing it I don't really see that, it's kinda translucent on black and doesn't show up properly. The colours are amazing though.
"Favourite Gell Pens to use for anything!!" - by Amazon Customer
I absolutely love this brand of Gell Pens. They will always be my favourite. They glide onto the page and just make it pop! I would say sometimes sometimes some of the gell pens can be a little thick, so just be careful. But I use them over and over again. The stardust ones are my favourite!!!
"Great glitter pens" - by Lina (Lithuania)
Great glitter pens! Probably the best gel pens I have ever used. Writes smoothly, glitter is even, dries quite fast compared to other brands. I'm happy with my purchase.
"Sakura Gelly Roll one set" - by Maureen
Very pleased with these. In fact so pleased that I ordered more and received them next day. Just wished they could be cheaper.
"Nice finish once dry" - by Rokkan_HVN (UK)
Bought on a recommendation and while I like using them they do seem to take a while to dry, which unfortunately means I smudge if I'm not careful.
"These pens are fantastic. I only use them for my Zentangle drawings" - by Mrs J Lydiate
These pens are fantastic. I only use them for my Zentangle drawings, so they are going to last a very long time, the nibs go into the smallest part of my patterns, without overlapping, and the ink is very smooth. and even. So pleased I ordered them.
"Good buy" - by hoagiehound (London, England)
Excellent pens arrived on time in first class condition. Have completed lots of projects with them and they are still going strong. Would not hesitate in ordering more.
"ok for a treat. but id save my money for something else." - by Rainbow Bubbles
see my pictures. nice colours. nice brightness on black. goes on well. expected more from them though. considering the price. but if u want to treat ur self these r nice just dont expect the best and u wont be disopointed. would i buy them again? no probably not.