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30 Rock

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"30 Rock - Wow! This show rocks!!!" - by Amazon Customer (Angus, Scotland)
I caught a few episodes on tv then it seemed to disappear so it's good to get the whole season on dvd. I tried buying it in my local Borders but their packs were faulty with 2 disc 3's and no disc 2.

Boy was I glad to receive mine through Amazon and find out it had the correct discs.

This show is amazing, I don't know how Tina Fey does all she does but I'm glad she does it. This woman has an amazing brain and a spot on sense of humour that translates well to UK humour.

If you want escapism and a laugh then buy this boxed set.

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"Five Stars" - by Happy Human
YEAY!!!! Finally all of Seinfeld's 9 Seasons are streaming online. THANK YOU! Please keep them here forever! :-D

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"innovative script!!" - by Joelle O'Toole
You know I just can't believe how good the script is at times. So clever, so witty and, that thing that so rarely occurs; surprising! It's very rare a laugh at comedy, it has to be either very innovative, or create a feeling of depth with the characters which surpasses the screen/real life impasse. This fits the former and I will be looking up the writers! Oh the characters are very easy to warm to though too. :-)

"Seriously if you like comedy" - by Randsta
One of the funniest things that I have ever watched the writing standards are amazing :) Alex Baldwin steals the show every scene he is in is brilliant. The only down side is the retarded Tracey Jordan character but even he has the occasional good moment, although his wife is far funnier > If you haven't watched it ... WTF get on it!

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"If you haven't given all your money to Jeremy bloody Clarkson, make this immediately!" - by Miss I, London (London, UK)
As soon as this finished, I reached for the 'play next' button, only to remember it's a pilot.
Great characters, sizzling pacy scripts, brilliant 'history' of comedy primer.
I love it all.
I want to watch it.
PS - I almost didn't click to watch it cause I hated the title, and the write up wasn't amazing either - but it was the only one that vaguely appealed of the whole selection, so I gave it a go. So glad I did.

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"Excellent series, brilliant gag reel" - by Lofa
I can only reiterate what the other reviewers have said and agree with their comments about the continuing brilliance of Parks and Recreation. However, I would add that the gag reel is worth the price of the DVD alone. It is hands down the best gag reel I have ever seen - it even has an ad break!

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"Does the job" - by Euan Falconer
I used for attaching to a magnet and performed well

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"Levi's 511, perfect fit" - by Amazon Customer
My husband is really happy with them. Style 511 (slim leg) is just the right fit for someone closer to their 40s than their 20s, not as tight as the skinny styles but not too baggy either.

I have only washed them once so far, so cannot comment on how they keep their shape in the long run.

My only criticism is that this colour (black) picks up lots of lint, but that unfortunately is expected of most stretchy materials and the black colour doesn't help.

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"Original TV - for a real change." - by Mr Martyn M Adams
There's so much 'formulaic' stuff around these days, but this one is truly original. It took me a while to understand the humour here, but then once the penny dropped I found it hilarious. The evil woman called 'Lint' - because she can generate static electricity and so stuff sticks to her - brilliant. This universe adds a little 'reality' to a universe where super-humans and dastardly evil doers are common - and it does it with panache and dead-pan humour. It even makes me laugh out loud. I usually just smile at off-the-shelf-comedies, but this isn't off-the-shelf. Great stuff. I'm really looking forward to season 2.

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"Carry on shoulder bag" - by Clarke McLeod
Great little shoulder bag to act as a second carry on bag.
Loads of space inside for passports, tickets, I-pads etc.
Well made and looks good.

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"Great series characters have really moved on." - by LH
I previously left a 2 star review but that was for amazons efforts in sorting out realising the correct episodes. so heres the 5 stars that the series deserves.

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"Better than ever" - by Franski (Sunk Island UK)
This series just gets better and better. I love all the characters and every episode has laugh out loud moments. Warm, humane and very funny.

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"ER it ain't, but comedy it is!!" - by Julian Dean
Sitting in front of my TV (a hobby I enjoy doing) I turned on a programme called Scrubs. The TV guide said "medical comedy" but it did not prepare me for the onslaught of slap stick and shear enjoyment it gives. The only way I can explain it is by taking Ally McBeal and ER, putting them in the mixer and adding some kind of herb that you can't tell what it is, but doesn't taste the same without it!
A great DVD of the first series... roll on series 2!!

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"Five Stars" - by garry kerslake
Like this !

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"Good for a Laugh" - by Joey Dean (Hereford, UK)
If you don't mind crude and silly humour then you will find a lot to laugh at here. Every character is brilliant. I particularly like George and I can't believe that he was the only one who never received a reward for his acting in this. To me he is the best by far.