Be sure your private documents stay private with’s range of paper shredders. Whether you’re shredding reams of pages or just the odd bank statement, has the shredder to suit your needs. Our shredders come in a range of different sizes to suit your home or office. We’ve even got commercial models that can shred hundreds of pages at once or smaller household machines. In addition, you’ll find shredders in a variety of page capacities, including some that are able to shred credit cards.’s shredders produce different kinds of shreds, such as cross-cut, strip-cut and particle-cut, so you can be sure to get the level of security you need. The smaller the pieces of paper after you have shred the document the higher level of security. You’ll find shredders from well-known brands such as Rexel, Fellowes and Texet. We’ve also got anti-jam shredders that can detect the thickness of the paper, stopping if too much is fed in at once.Worried about bugging your colleagues or family with the shredding noise? A bottle of shredder oil will lubricate your machine, help it to run smoothly and last longer. Take a look at’s shredders and you’re sure to find the model you need.

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