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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2007
First thing anyone who first plays this game will notice is this; the controls are pretty difficult to pick up, even for people who've played other AC games. Once you've got a grasp of them though, the gameplay is extremely good fun. The main change in controls is the separate buttons for left and right weapons and switching between them and you have to be able to remember and switch weapons quickly which allows you to use weapons such as the grenade launcher/energy cannons with a gatling gun/rifle, or just two grenade launchers.
Boosting has been much improved in AC 4 making the game a lot more fluid as well, even when almost out of energy you actually still recover energy while boosting along the ground and the quick boost functions are more useful.

An earlier reviewer said that it has become useless to use an energy blade for close combat... this is not true. While you can't just hope to boost around slashing everything with blades, they are an extremely efficient way for specific missions and almost necessary for some for an S grade on hard mode, although I've there are quite a few missions i haven't done on hard mode at the moment. The online mode is impossible at the moment, there are simply no players online in Europe, Japan is where the AC and mech games seem to be popular.

Overall you need to spend a lot of time and thought while playing, some of the missions can be completed with little effort but the real fun comes from being able to blast the crap out of everything, dodging and maneuvering so that you complete missions feeling like you actually used some skill. This game allows huge customization and constant tweaking of stats so the really it is down to you how much you can enjoy it and how long it will last. I strongly recommend it, if you can't get it, at least try and get a friend to ;)
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on 21 August 2007
First let me say that if you don't like mech games then you aren't really going to like this one. The control system is slightly more accesible than some titles but this is still a mech game at the end of the day.
The graphics on this title are its best feature with and excellent draw distance and sharp lines plus a multitude of landscapes to explore.
The gameplay is fun but can be very frustrating at first. The targeting system seems to have a life of its own until you get better parts and upgrade it and the various boost types you can do left me bewildered. Once you get past these and stick with it the game develops into an enjoyable affair.
The part I really love about the game is the customisation aspect. As with most of the game this is very confusing at first with little or no help from either the manual or the in-game help. It is a matter of trial and error til you find a mech that suits you.
The game also features an online part which sounds great in theory but in practice I have never seen another person on there so as with most of the PS3 online games (with the exception of R:FOM) it is plagued by lack of players.
All in all i think this game has the potential to be great but is very frustrating getting to that point and a lot of people will give up before realising the games full potential.
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on 29 July 2007
The graphics are amazing. I like the idea that you can work your way up to completely customize your kick ass robot from it's colour to the booster rockets that are attached to it's legs. But I think that the level of technical expertise required to calibrate your robot's stabilisers and CPU are a tad over the heads of the average twelve year old, unless they have played previous Amoured Core games. Since I'm new to the series, tuning up my mech required several re-readings of the manual before I'd grasped the basics (I'm not all that convinced that it means very much to your mech's performance in the game anyway). The plot is that you're a mercenary for hire in a not-too-distant war torn future. So there isn't really a plot.
The levels are wide and expansive, yet you cannot stray outside the area of your mission or you fail it. I find this irritating, since you own a beast of a machine that can go wherever it wants.
Ammo is surprisingly scarce, given the number of enemies that you must fight. Players often find themselves fighting an end of level boss with no ammo at all.
Close quarters fighting is a joke and largely pointless unless the player makes one lucky lunge at his opponent for a killing blow. It is usually uneccessary and potentially suicidal to get too close to your often heavily armed and extremely fast moving opponents. The unarmed combat of this game needs some serious rethinking for a sequel. The ability to block incoming strikes and throw targets would be helpful and quite cool.

Sadly, the ability to create amazing war machines has been rendered pointless by the game's lack of depth in just about all major aspects of the game. Buy it because it's interesting and play it a little to pass the time, but that's all.
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on 6 August 2007
This is not a typical shooter. To start with it can be challenging and a lot of missions require you to adjust your NEXT (what the game calls the Mechs/Robots) appropriately otherwise you will die very often, quickly. I read a review (on gamespot) that said the customisation was dampened heavily. NOT TRUE. Still lots to tweak and fiddle with and I've made loads of completely different robots. If you like mechs this game is a sure bet, and even if you don't this game is fast paced and breathtaking. Nothing like boosting a mech across water at 700km/h. I played transformers in a shop and was disappointed instantly, this is definitely the good alternative.
I've described it to a lot of my friends as "pimp my robot" as I've spent hours building and customising (paint jobs and decals) my NEXTs which was great fun (one of mine even does a little transforming!).

That said, it is quite a short game, and the individual missions are short as well. Although it does add that elite dispatching commado feeling.

4 stars over-all
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on 28 June 2011
I would say that this game is better than Armored Core Formula Front. One of the small downsides to the game is that the amount of FRS memory needed to play as other armored cores is ridiculous. The graphics are very good and most of the missions are intense. I wanted to know what the game play was like before purchasing this game. Also, I wanted to see if it had very hard or very easy missions.
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on 19 June 2008
Too many bad reviews.Firstly this game looks very good,graphics are crisp and look quite gritty.
Secondly the control scheme is very good(if you change to layout B) and feel very comfortable.Thirdly the game has probably the best Mech customization options which are only bettered by previous AC games which had generally more parts etc.
Yes missions are short but the gameplay is so fast and intense you dont care and theres enough options and enjoyment to be had with customization and the Arena type mode to keep you hooked until you import AC:For Answer :P
Ignore the other reviews and have fun
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on 23 September 2009
I have loved all the Armored Core games on the PS2. The missions were varied and had some inkling of a storyline. This installment of the game however shoves you straight into some war over something or other and you are fighting for your side because...well thats not explained either really.

The missions are very repetitive and dull and are almost all outside on boring landscapes either covered in snow, trees or a burnt landscape. Almost all the missions can be categorised into: Kill everything, kill one guy, blow this thing up, or blow up this big thing. What happened to the awesome type of missions you got in Armored Core 2 where you are walking through a high-tech base on a moon trying to find a guy who intends on crashing it into the planet and killing everyone.

However the graphics are very good if you care about that sort of thing. A lot of effort probably went into designing every little bit of your AC and making it look that extra good looking. This, however, is probably why the single player is short, boring and leaves you with very little sense of acomplishment when you complete it.

You will also need to edit the control's for yourself because whoever at SOFTWARE thought that using the right analogue stick to aim and then have Square and X as shoot must have something lodged in their brain. Theres only so much your thumb can do!

I could rant on about how theyve changed the HUD to make it unreadable when you look into a white sky, etc etc but i think ive explained enough.

I recomend this game to people who love robots mainly due to the HUGE ammount of customisation this game provides.

But apart from that this game only provided a few days of gaming and totally isnt worth full price...maybe if you find it in a bargain bucket somewhere.
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on 10 July 2007
Finally available in English, Armored Core 4 is a fine addition to the Armored Core series of games.

As anyone familiar with the other titles will already know you play the pilot of a massive armoured fighting machine, charged with fighting missions in a future where the world is ruled by a number of huge corporations.

Constructing and customising your mech is half of the enjoyment of AC4 and you can spend hours balancing the parts and weapons available to you (if you have the money) to produce the right vehicle for the mission in hand.

The missions themselves are not a simple point and shoot exercise as you need to keep an eye on your energy, armour and ammunition, none of which is infinite and play a strategy that suits your style and your mech, which can anything from a tracked slow moving behometh with grenade launchers and gatling guns for arms to a flying agile biped equipped with a laser sword for dashing in and slicing up the opposition or even a crab like machine which can fill the sky with long range missiles.

You overall performance is reflected in your payment at the end of each successful mission, which includes bonuses for speed but deductions for replacement armour and ammunition, so it really does pay to think first about your strategy before leaping into the fray.

AC4 plays smoothly and both looks and sounds good, although it doesn't exactly stretch the PS3's abilities. The AI isn't leading edge, but can be a challenge and the missions vary from with-your-eyes-shut easy to sufficiently difficult to defeat you until you adopt a more appropriate approach to them.

As with a vast number of current games, AC4 comes with an online multiplayer mode, which allows you to enjoy laying waste to fellow players although this fundamentally is the same as the single player campaign, in that you have to build the machine for the job and then pilot it to victory.

Overall, a good way to spend time on your PS3 and much better than the other giant mecha game currently on offer, Gundam.
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on 12 July 2007
This is an extremely fun game, the environments look simply amazing and there is a huge improvement on everything from armoured core nexus. The only slight to the game is that the controls have changed and it takes a while to get used to but otherwise its fine.

!!!!When you buy this game ensure you have an internet connection or the time and patience to discover how to update your PS3 system via a storage media device as the game will only work on a PS3 system that is rated version 1.70 or above!!!!
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on 14 July 2007
Decent game. Camera is to hard to control considering the pace of the game. Missions are OK i suppose and some are very very difficult. Multiplayer I haven't tried much, but seems you have to play solo first to upgrade your mech or you will get your behind handed to you as I did. Got pretty much 2 shotted in my games. Graphics are OK, but not what you would expect from a ps3. Overall this game is, well, OK.
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