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15 May 2017
Traitor's Knot is a first novel and is a stunning debut at that. It is engrossing to read a book , so well-researched and set so closely after the demise of Charles 1. It is fascinating to read how life changed and how extremism raised its ugly head;to read of the delemas people had to face over who to support once the Commonwealth took over. The two protagonists , Elizabeth and James come together in the book's third chapter. James, in chapter 1, sets the novel's adventurous tone- pursuit, escape, battle, all in contrast to Elizabeth's domestic, though turbulent life. If the choices made by a parent can affect the child, this theme is also important to this story's physiological pulse. James and Elizabeth come together after she flees her home in Weymouth to her aunt who is a healer living on a small manor outside Warwick. From their first dramatic encounter, a reader is held in suspense concerning their romantic future. Events now speed along with cliff-hanging pace As the King's son returns to Scotland in 1551 to claim his kingdom. James, a fervent royalist, must leave Elizabeth in danger from a puritan preacher, to support the Prince. Elizabeth is threatened by a hieniuos new Parliamentary law and by her unpleasant suitor, a Puritan preacher of the worst sort.

Characters are extremely layered. Settings and scenes are beautifully envisioned and I guarantee that any reader who likes novels with historical adventure leaping from the page will be totally immersed in this book and feel passionate about its characters. Enter a changing world in mid-seventeenth century England and read this exceptionally well-researched and superb debut historical fiction.
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