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Customer Review

on 3 April 2010
A very informative book on the life and death of Moors killer Esther Myra Hindley. Very accurate on dates times etc. Revelations in later years about Myra's role in the killings explored in depth, how this evil pair would stalk their victims-even rehearsing before the chosen day! Work colleaugues add their memories,and one local woman, a librarian remembered Myra taking out a book entitled 'Sexual Murders' at Brady's request.

After the first murder, Myra would ask the poor grieving Mother(Mrs Reade) if there had been any news or developments, knowing full well what she had just participated in! Seen for the first time, the infamous October (1965) arrest mugshot photograph in full length pose-the dark coat she is wearing is knee length-then you can see her from the legs down.

Neighbours recall how after she met Brady, she rarely acknowledged them, was never seen without her backcombed hair-and full make-up, one local girl remembered: "I used to see Myra wearing short skirts, even before they were fashionable-and my impression was that she looked rather tarty.." With frank and detailed information from one the original investigating officers from (1965).

Senior experienced officer's took it turns to grill Myra at Hyde (Town Hall) police station, and under the relentless and toughest questioning-Myra would not crack. Detective policewoman Margaret Campion recalled later: "I couldn't get anything out of her at all-all she was concerned about was her dog".

Policewoman Pat Clayton: "Myra was a hard arrogant young Woman-she wouldn't answer a question-nothing, nothing at all". All the 1960's Trilby hatted, collared and tied senior detectives formed an opinion about Hindley that would not change , especially Alex 'Jock' Carr: "She never expressed any remorse or grief in all the time I was with her she was hard-she was evil"

While being interviewed a Policewoman along with Myra-heard from across the yard disturbing weeping, it was coming from Mrs. Evans who was identifying her butchered 17 year old son in the nearby police-mortuary-then part of Hyde Town Hall, as was the police station and (then) Magistrates court this didn't faze Myra at all, she slowly drank her tea and petted her dog!.

Hyde Town Hall was besieged in December 1965 from journalists and press photographer's from all over the globe. During the separate remand murder charges, different exit and entrance routes were chosen for security reasons as the local crowds grew noisier and angrier. No one in Chester Assizes Courtroom on April 26th 1966 would ever forget the the very disturbing tape-recording of 10 year old Lesley Downey, who was sexually abused and tormented by the sadistic couple, for sixteen minutes the child pleaded for her life,(that spool of tape was played to Myra in the interview room)Lesley begged Myra to leave her alone (as she was the main provocatar in the tormenting of Lesley)- but the child's pleas fell on deaf ears-Brady & Myra killed her and buried her naked body on Saddleworth Moor along with all the other assaulted children.

In order to try and get SOME response from this disgusting pair, detectives showed the couple their bleak moorland photographs, but, in amongst them were police photographer's pictures of the victims being unearthed from their moorland graves, this didn't bother Hindley-she pushed them away-"I don't want to see any more".

At the Moors Trial (April 19nth-May 6th-1966) Myra's main concern was herself-every time there was an adjournment-Hindley carefully re-applied fresh foundation lipstick and powder; most of the time she stared from the dock, or, expressed boredom and disdain.

One long retired detective remembered "The hostility was terrifying-it would have to be seen to be believed" (The Magistrate's hearing). Myra Hindley died in November 2002 as a result of complications arising from a chest infection aged 60.

A fascinating read for all lovers of true crime.
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