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24 September 2010
I'll be honest... I wasn't originally going to buy this book because although I am very interested in all things CBT I didn't think I was at all interested in Philosophy. I decided to buy it anyway because I have a huge respect for the author, and other publications of his which I have read have all been superbly written.

In turns out that I really am interested in Philosophy, certainly in so far as it relates to CBT; it was just that I had previously had a complete misunderstanding about what Philosophy was and how much it can contribute.

If you are interested in CBT in terms of its origins or practice, or if you are involved with CBT as therapist, client or academic, or if you are interested in self improvement, or if you get the feeling that we've probably been here before in terms of psychological problems and solutions, or if you want to lift the bonnet of CBT and take a good look at the engine, or if you are just interested in getting the most out of life, then this book will likely prove to be a fascinating and useful resource.

Donald always impresses with his in-depth knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, his subject areas. This book is no exception... he has taken a really interesting area and communicated the material with clarity and insight. I would certainly recommend this book to anybody interested in, or involved with CBT as a book thoroughly worth reading and keeping on the bookshelf!
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