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10 August 2010
A great read

The synopsis of a story about a gay serial killer does not do this book justice - it is much more than that and can be enjoyed on many levels. Whilst the gay aspect and serial killing are a backdrop to the whole novel, it is not overwhelmingly dark or sexually erotic, as may be suggested. It has a great deal more to offer whether gay or not.......a story about the quest and pain of love, a travelogue of cultures and geographies and a clever type of biography written in the first person by the main character, Finn. It is also a fascinating and plausible insight into the world of a gay person. More profoundly, it leaves the reader with a gnawing belief that there are a wealth of people that live a lie and do not acknowledge their own sexuality. Beautifully descriptive throughout and often humourously written, it makes for an excellent read.
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4.8 out of 5 stars