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Customer Review

on 23 June 2011
As a mixed martial artist, and self defence practitioner/teacher for over 25 years, I would highly recommend this book to any serious practitioner. Having practiced and studied many arts and styles, ranging from Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Ninjutsu, Krav Maga, Kappap, Arnis/Escrima/Kali, Boxing, Keysi, Iaido/Kendo, Systema, Silat, Dim-Mak, Muy Thai and so on, I have always looked for techniques and applications that work in the real world.

One of my rules is to never depend on a martial art that you can win medals in, as these are adapted for sport, and not the most effective in stopping an attacker, especially in real circumstances with potential weapons, multiple assailants and dirty fighting. All the arts that I have adopted techniques from are designed for life and death situations, and include non-lethal but brutal techniques like eye-pokes, finger breaks, stomping on hands/ankles etc.

What Mr. Christensen explains so well in this book, are all extremely well thought out and proven set of moves that I know from experience work, and work well on almost any attacker. Over the years I have tried to specialize in techniques that have been tested in the field by law enforcers, close quarters security personnel, and military service men and women.

These techniques are simple, fast to apply, require little fitness, work on any type of attacker, and most importantly will cause great pain and stopping power, without major risk of death. In self defence it is very important to teach non-lethal techniques, as in today's compensation culture a violent burglar or rapist can actually sue their victim for bodily harm!! As an innocent victim one would also never want to accidentally kill an attacker, and as a professional you must be able to apprehend without being liable for a murder charge.

It is not uncommon for victims with some training to either use unreliable traditional `animal' or `ritual' based styles, or in extreme situations knock someone into a coma or worse with a weapon. In real life your opponent is never compliant or waiting for you to properly apply a move, and in real life you might be shaking with adrenalin and fear. In a real situation it is rarely a good idea to execute any fancy high kicks etc, that will throw you off balance, expose your major arteries/tendons/family jewels, or in fact hand your attacker your leg for their control.

As a retired law enforcer, Christensen shows you loads of very effective and super practical techniques that will give you not only the skills to block and protect yourself from serious damage, but also control and restrain the offender until help arrives.

The various take-downs and arm locks etc will help you cause massive pain and discomfort to the attacker, which also allows you to escape the situation without the fear of being chased and attacked again. The open hand and elbow techniques can be used by even the most unconditioned of people, and the take-downs and use of joint manipulation and hyper-extension are designed around body mechanics and anatomy, not relying on brute strength and body mass.

This book is a complete and useful account of almost any type of attack, and I know from experience that his approach and recommendations are based on pure practical field experience, not style, not macho bravado and not tradition. If you are a beginner, then this is a massive leap forward in application, if you are an expert, then this will really inspire you to combine you knowledge into a more practical repertoire. Highly recommended !!

Louie Blystad-Collins- DoP - Bristol, UK
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