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6 February 2016
Seanachai: The Storyteller's story is based in Ireland but I don't recommend reading late at night. At times it was a little 'make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up' chilling but I did enjoy it. I feel that if you're a fan of The Brothers Grimms ghost/fairytales, you'd certainly enjoy this book. It's not a long novel just approx 235 pages that's broken into 20 chapters making it an easy to read and flow novel.

As the reader we are introduced to a young couple on vacation in a remote cottage on the Ring of Kerry. During the night on their second day they are awaken by what appears to be an Irish Tramp that they discover to be a Seanachai a travelling storyteller but he isn't all human and possibly is a ghost or mythical creature. The stories he tells revolve around old Irish legends but includes the couples past interwoven in them. From hearing the tales the young gentleman is inspired to write his own ghost story and the heroine of the story with Irish heritage listens to the Seanachai's advice and revisits the town of her birth.

This story has the underlying advice that the past needs to be accepted and dealt with as well as believing in mythical beings and the unknown. I enjoyed it a great deal and think it's worth anyone giving it a chance. I'd be happy to read other works by this author.
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