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Customer Review

on 7 April 2012
Like many divination card lovers, I own multiples of different card decks - tarot, rune, oracle, fairy, Lenormand, etc. If you are familiar to those cards, you would notice that each deck has its character/strong points - some of those are more objective, some of those are psychological, and so on. And each of them are more or less accurate on their own accord, depending on the type of the questions you ask and the answers/advices you are seeking.
In my opinion, this Russian Gypsy Fortune telling cards are darn good at forecasting events (i.e. fortune telling) as well as giving down-to-earth advices. Accuracy comes without saying, and this seem to be true for whether its a long-term forecasting (like month, year, etc) or short-term advice (e.g. questions like "what should I know about the coming important meeting?").

I have used this card in both ways, short and long-terms, and either ways it gives very useful advices as well as the accurate predictions of events that might come up. The advices are, as said before, very grounded so that instead of messages like "Trust your intuition" or "Divine force will guide you", it would say something like "It is up to you to make the first move to ensure the relationship endures. Your action or will power can change your circumstances"(and followed by some more suggestions). Honestly, especially when you are having troubles and seeking for advices, these type of messages are so much more helpful - since obviously you are asking advice because you cannot find or follow your intuition in the first place...! It certainly tells you negative aspects if that is happening/happened, but alternatively gives you hints & tips of wise actions to prepare for or to avoid/minimise the damage.

The beauty of the card is that, because of the system of how the card works, what are necessary will show up. (and so what is not necessary won't). I found this particularly helpful - when you are doing a reading for yourself sometimes it is hard to just be objective and grounded, but intuitive in the same time. Often in tarot cards and alike, you're bound to draw some cards inevitably for the sake of the spread and when you are not too well grounded you might be guessing all the possible meanings of this "reversed-'Star'" card might be mentioning - which could just be saying that you don't have to worry. In this Russian Gypsy cards, if you are worried of something and that something is NOT happening, then the cards will literally tell you that either your worries are for nothing or simply doesn't warn you. If it IS happening, it will most likely tell you what sort of cause it might have and where to look for solutions. Sometimes I get only few pictures, and sometimes 9~12. Quite often when you are more serious and specific about the question, so will be the answer and the number of the pictures that will show up.

Lastly, as many people have mentioned, the images are pretty pleasing. I'm not particularly picky about the images of the cards (Id prefer accuracy) but still I appreciate this hand-drawn looking beautiful images which are pleasing everytime you do the reading (even those 'negative' pictures are pretty... oh well)
And like many people have pointed out, I agree that the quality of the cards are pretty shoddy. Possibly the most thinnest cards I have owned so far. The quality of the book and the casing are fantastic - if only the publisher would spend a little more effort in the quality of the card rather than, say, the casing. I would certainly have to laminate or do something to strengthen this card otherwise this will certainly fall-apart in month time.

Overall, I would recommend this cards to any divination card lovers - beginner or expert.
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3.8 out of 5 stars