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Customer Review

on 12 May 2013
Holy crow. Spare yourself. Who is this woman's editor and continuity expert? CH needed to pull an E.T. & phone home to get a much needed reality check instead of phoning it in.

First off, what a boring and trite send off to a once great series not that it surprises, the majority of people saw it coming. Who Sookie ends up being as a person at the end of this series actually makes this series utterly pointless.

However, my main gripe, the thing that REALLY sticks in my craw daddy is the fact that CH is crying about her fans and saying she won't tour because she received death threats? Are you kidding me??? What a beyond low blow for her cowardice.

I've heard she's accusing of being bullied. What are we 12? Bullying my behind. She has been caving to the pressure since selling out to Ball and the s**** show that was book 9.

I am astonished by her lack of respect and personal accountability for careless and sloppy writing. She's been writing poorly and with little effort, she knows it & that's why she's in hiding. Period. Most of her fans are too astute to let it slide & that's why she's not touring.

CH wrote an overall piss poor end to the series (& when I say the end I mean the overall END not the WHO she ends up with). I think a lot of people are confusing that readers are disappointed about the end because she doesn't end up with Eric. That's not at all what most people are disappointed about when they say the end sucks.

Sure, they bring up Eric but that's because CH gave Sam ZERO context to warrant being the HEA. However, when readers say that this steaming pile of pooh is a disappointing ending, it's because for this final installment of the series to be the last book in Sookie's experience in misadventures is crazy.

Sookie ends worse than when she was at square one (at least at square one, in DUD, she's open to all of life's possibilities & extremities) so what has been the point? She is ineffectual, lobotomized, seems as if she is settling (Sam too!) and more importantly, she came across as marginalized by her own creator. What a bad mommy. CH....bad, bad mommy.

The whole concept of this series has been entirely POINTLESS. That is what people mean by it being a disappointing end. It's like Sookie learned nothing and was a shell of herself....of all the potential she once held wasted. Where was the poignant learning? Under rug swept.

I mean for Sookie to say she always liked Sam & wanted to be with him but didn't want to ruin the friendship? Oh flipping hell.....what cop out. We're supposed to just buy that? That's like the really insecure girl (you may know the one) who dates anyone whose interested because she is fickle & desperate for attention but doesn't really believe she can hold onto the man she really wants. The one who stokes her passion, so she ends up with the safe 'best friend' who was always into her (probably her friends brother). Down deep, she knows he's not for her but to prove everyone wrong, she'll stick it out with him. It's lame, unbelievable & everyone knows it.

The book was a beyond ineffectual write off with ALL characters assassinated and lobotomized. I could give a pooh who Sookie ended up with because they all sucked, esp. Sookie. She sucked since book 9, got marginally better in book 10 & 11 but in book 12, she was awful. CH didn't nothing to redeem her main heroine. Instead she eviscerated the plucky, authenticity she once had and THAT is why the series resonated with readers.

I said it a million times before to friends, it didn't matter if Sookie ended up with a purple people eater as long as it made sense in the end and was well written with genuine effort instead of phoning it it in order to just get it over with.

It is SO, so clear CH forced that ending upon her readers because she tried sticking to her guns, not taking any accountability for what she created & wrote all throughout the trajectory. She created the monster (which she deems her fans & the character of Eric) and because she was pressured not to kill Bill (& her fans sniffed that falsity out in a heartbeat), she decided she was going to stick to her guns for the HEA regardless if it flowed or if she gave it the proper context.

And THAT is the other real issue here in legitimizing the end of this series. Zero authentic context. That's just bad writing. Period.

She just wrote with amazingly sloppy broad brush strokes in order to rush us to the end because she couldn't handle the fame or pressure. She turned her disappointment with Ball & her lack of conviction in book 9 outward & thumbed her nose & chose to blame her readers instead of just putting her head down & giving something truly genuine.

I am really staggered how she threw out there numerous times now in interviews that she received death threats which is why she insinuated not touring. That comment has detoured the reviewers or interviewers to focus on the wrong thing...the fans instead of the inept writing.

It's obvious CH wants to go back to her little world of writing, no pressure and near anonymity. It's unfortunate she couldn't figure out a more graceful and dignified way of doing that.

Instead we have yet another author taking pot shots at her fan base as a deflection tactic because she knows she phoned that crap in.

I know she doesn't care & is relieved when her more vocal "fans" say this but never again....she's not worthy of my time or hard earned money. This was clearly just a means to an end.

All of this negative attention is 100% due to her and the fervor she willingly perpetuated in order to sell(out), not her "crazy" fans. She needs to get a grip. I can't stand people who can't be honest enough with themselves in order to take personal accountability for their words, deeds & actions. Which not so coincidentally, is who Sookie ended up being. A person who deflects and sweeps it all under the carpet as if it all never happened or mattered.

We're all better off taking a page from Stoopie's book and making a casserole.
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