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Customer Review

on 5 May 2014
Okay. Grand Theft Auto V has been out for 6 months now. I waited until now to write a review on it, because I knew that if I reviewed it in the first few weeks, I would have given it 5 Stars and said there was nothing wrong with it. While I still like it very much, over time, the bad things about it have really started to annoy me. This game was genuinely the thing I was most anticipating in the history of my life, I can't describe how sad and obsessed I was prior to the game coming out, it was too much for me. The game finally came out, 17th September 2013, I was at school all day, while many of my friends and even a few teachers stayed off to play it, I will never forget when I got out of school, my mum drove me and my friend down to GAME to collect our pre-ordered special edition copies. When I got it, it was the best feeling I have ever experienced, it is so sad now I think about it, but September 17th is genuinely the best day of my life so far, the feeling was great. Okay, my fanboy sadness is over, onto the review. My feelings on it now are mixed.


Graphics (best graphics of its time, truely amazing)

Characters (There are some truely weird and wonderful characters in this game, just awesome)

Missions (So many unique missions, not that constant 'Drive from A to B to shoot C' that the previous games gave us)

Driving (Such an improvement from GTA IV)

Weapons Wheel (Great addition to the game, loved it when it came out, love it to this day)

Map (I'm putting map on both pros and cons. Pro for the map is that it is big, but not too big. It is mostly a beautiful map, so many cool places)


Character Development (There are great characters in it, but no character was expanded on enough, so much potential though)
Cars (There are some cool cars in this game right enough, but there weren't enough, it always felt like every 3rd car was the same)

Special Ability (Don't get me wrong, it was cool, but unneeded. I don't think I ever used Trevor or Michaels the first time I played the story)

Map (50% of it was just waste lands that hardly got used, the city should have been much bigger, with more tall buildings, also 95% of the buildings where inaccessible. The missions where great, but they didn't employ the map as much as they could/should have)

Story/Number of Missions (There where 69 missions in this game. The PSP GTA games had more missions than that. Granted, they where dynamic and lengthy, but there should have been much, much more of them, at least 100 where expected. The story had potential, but crumbled around the middle of the game. GTA IV's story was much better and more developed. They should have stuck to the 'small time gangster working for people higher up than him so he can get to the top'.)

The Advertising of the Game (I don't need to say much here. They made the game appear so much better in the trailer than it actually was)

Trevor (Trevor. Trevor is a m*therf*cking badass. But why the cons section, you ask? Because there wasn't enough of him, again, so much potential, so underused. There should have been more missions about TPEnterprises, or at least more side missions. Ahh, it makes me sad how underused he actually was)

Money (You only really get a lot of money right at the end of the game, so, what everyone does is they buy as many cool cars as their garage can hold, they go around buying all the properties and just everything you can buy. This little spree last an hour at max, then it's done. Like, done done, that's it, nothing left to spend your millions on, at all. Buying properties opens a few side missions, but they are mostly the same and get boring after a while. If you done the game correctly, you are left at this point with around 200 million and nothing to spend it on. It would have been better if you could get loads of money around half way, buy everything, then use it all while you've still got missions to do, it would have been better that way)

I could go on about it for hours. But as you can see, there are more cons than pros on this list, but yet, the game is still great. I still like it and will continue to play it into the ground, but man, there was so much potential and so little there.
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4.5 out of 5 stars