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Customer Review

21 January 2016
As somebody who has struggled with depression and various health problems over the years I sought out QHHT more or less as a last resort.

I had a session and was regressed back to three past lives, which resulted in the issues I was facing in my present life making more sense, and eventually being healed. A few years ago I'd have thought of myself as a raving lunatic for even suggesting that such a thing as a past life was even real. Who's to know whether it is or not, but, nevertheless the treatment works!

Since that session I have done more and more studying of the subject, and this books acts as a facilitator to that study. Not only is it a useful reference and an introduction to the subject, but it also serves as an expansion upon it.

If you are interested in the subject or are thinking about Past Life Regression or QHHT, please do read this book. This subject is not quackery, but instead a complex and fascinating subject on the fringes of science that both fascinates and astounds.

Since my session I have introduced several people to the subject who have all gained profound insight into their own psyches and it has helped heal them also from various maladies. Unbelievable but true.

Wilson's book acts as both the initiator and the educator for further study.

A worthy purchase and read.
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