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Customer Review

on 16 September 2013
So, usually the amazon ratings are so accurate, with such a high rating I truly believed this would be a great read...how I was disappointed.

The book encourages men to look at women as "targets", what do they think they are, an animal to be hunted and shot? The book will encourage you to become a robot, act unnaturally, lie, deceive and put women down ("neg") just to get them into bed. Many other reviews say "Oh, well it will help you with confidence...", but there is a problem with the way it does this. It encourages you to not act naturally, memorize lines, deceive and act in any way possible to get the "target". It instills bad habits into you! How can you have a healthy relationship with a woman if you think this way? It's built on a foundation of lies, think about it, do you like it if your friends lie, trick and deceive you? Do these kind of friendships last long?

The characters Mystery (suicidal maniac), Tyler Durden (Psychopathic), Ross Jeffries (Confused with a child's mindset) and many of the other PUA's are clearly unstable, incomplete people with many of their own problems which they aren't able to overcome, their overall lifestyle is incomplete and they clearly aren't successful in their life overall.

A particularly disturbing part was on page 350 "If a woman has been married three years or more, you come to learn that she's usually easier to sleep with than a single woman", and Mr Strauss wants to be a father one day (and presumably get married). I wonder how his relationship will last with that kind of mindset. Are you the kind of guy who believes all women are like this? The book portrays all women to be sluts, who if you persist and use enough tricks you can get into bed. Now, think about it, is this realistic? Are your mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, cousins all like this? Have all women lost their values and morals? Are they all just sluts who should be manipulated and used? I would be utterly depressed if I believed this, I believe there are good women out there, and if you want to attract them you have to work on yourself to become a man who would appeal to her.

I will finish my post on how I think you could attract a beautiful woman (inside and out), into your life:

1. Fix yourself up, get a fashionable haircut (check magazines if you don't know), wear better clothes (again ask women with style or check magazines), look after your appearance in general (shower regularly and don't look scruffy).
2. Join the gym and get healthy (you don't have to be the next Arnold, but if you are overweight or too skinny, being a healthy weight is more attractive).
3. Join clubs and take courses to meet new people. (Examples include: dance classes, art classes, fitness classes, yoga classes etc). This will allow you to meet more people and improve your social skills.
4. Read books that actually improve your life! Self-help books on confidence, social skills, success, wealth, health and many more!

Improving yourself in this natural way, will not only attract better women to you, but also better quality friends,you will be happier overall! Once you start doing all these things you yourself will grow and naturally become a more attractive person...Hope this review helped and was useful (although I'm sure I'll get some stick for it, but I'll be happy if it even just helps one guy).
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