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Customer Review

on 9 February 2013
A little background on my home entertainment past - I started with one of the original Pioneer 42" 1080i plasma screens and thought it was wonderful. Last Christmas i replaced the Pioneer with a 42" 1080p 3D Panasonic TX-P42GT30B, which blew me away. However, I had been secretly craving a home projector for years. Until now I didn't think that the quality/price calculation made sense for me and when 3D TVs started to get popular I thought I would wait because 3D projectors couldn't be too far away. A year ticked by and I started to see 1080p 3D projectors with a lot of brightness getting to a price that was within reach. I almost went for the Optoma HD33 but then Epson released the EH-TW6100W and I realised that I could save a lot of time and money by not having to route HDMI cables to it, and that made the additional cost seem worth it. OK, enough with the background.

The unit is pretty chunky but beautifully and solidly made. I find the design attractive and the white colour will go nicely with my ceiling when I have it mounted (tomorrow morning). With the WiHD wireless transmitter the only cable I needed to worry about was power, so it will be a neat installation. I have temporarily installed it on a shelf and it requires a small amount of vertical keystone correction. I understand this is digital and whilst it works well, if you are very fussy then you'll probably want to avoid keystone correction because you can faintly see the true edge of the image vs the keystone corrected edge of the image. This is very minor, barely noticeable and very faint, so if you need to use keystone then I doubt it will bother you. I have it setup to project an image onto a wall with an image diagonal of 180" and my sofa is about 3m from that wall. The image size gives a truly cinematic and very immersive experience. My living room has a south facing bay window overlooking the wall I'm projecting onto, I have roller blinds designed to let a lot of light in but give some privacy and cut out direct sunlight, so they are pretty useless for making a nice dark room. In the middle of the day with the low winter sun filling my living room the image is watchable but not vivid and glorious. On a day with rain and clouds the image is much better. At twilight and beyond the image is eye poppingly bright, crisp, vivid and beautiful. To combat the light I ordered some custom blackout roller blinds, which came to £250 for a set of four and they will no doubt make a sufficient impact on the light level to make the image superb regardless of lighting conditions outside.

The WiHD connection automatically set itself up immediately and I also tested the HDMI pass through and found my TV worked fine through the WiHD box. My first test was Top Gun with my Mission MX3s turned up quite loud. I was gobsmacked. In retrospect the quality of image offered by the Top Gun BluRay is actually very poor, so it isn't a great demonstration of the incredible resolution and sharpness that this projector is capable of. Despite that I soon realised that this machine actually gave me my own cinema at home and all my worries and doubts about home projectors instantly disintegrated. Next up was Drive and I got the full impact; the cinema is such a different experience from watching a film on a TV - the image size sucks you into the film, immerses you and prevents you from distraction, so the effect is much more powerful. Later in the weekend I put on Avatar 3D and that is simply stunning. The clarity, sharpness, brightness and depth of the 3D image is out of this world (sorry!). All my friends who have spent a few minutes in front of Avatar on this projector have been immediately trying to figure out how to rearrange their living room to accommodate a projector.

Downsides: digital keystone correction isn't perfect but it's very good. To me this doesn't matter because I'm ceiling mounting it but to some it may. Don't expect the image to be as vivid on a sunny day if you have a south facing living room with blinds that cut out almost no brightness but remember that this is easily correctable for a couple of hundred pounds with blackout blinds or linings for your curtains. The cooling fan sound level is pretty much negligible, it's not that it's silent but I haven't noticed it once when watching something, I only notice it before or after watching something. Don't try and watch the DVD (as opposed to BluRay) of Blackhawk Down...the 1080p upscaling combined with a 180" screen does not make for good results. In fact most SD content looks a bit miserable - solution - don't watch standard def content on a giant screen!!

Upsides: I'm projecting onto a wall that was painted with normal white matte emulsion several years ago the result is a beautiful, vivid, sharp, rich, glorious image. 3D is superb. The wireless HD is a brilliant feature and this sold me on the Epson. Everyone who has experienced my projector has been shocked and changed their opinions of home cinema projectors. My TV has been relegated to a corner and is now rarely watched.

Overall - everyone considers me to be a harsh critic and an obsessive perfectionist, so the 5 stars I am awarding are hard won by this incredible machine.
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