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Customer Review

on 21 January 2013
Sobibor: Holocaust Propaganda & Reality is another superb addition to the growing encyclopedia of second world war truth that the Holocaust Handbooks Series has become. The depth of the research is apparent on every page, as is the shallowness of the official myth; well written, well translated, well argued, and massively referenced, with over a thousand footnotes in 450 pages, the authors leave us in little doubt about what is propaganda and what is reality. In essence, everything written by the orthodoxy is propaganda - propaganda backed up by nothing but the testimony of the most outrageously unreliable eyewitnesses in the history of eyesight - and its own often ridiculous internal inconsistencies expose it as such, as highlighted ad nauseum in this book. As with most of the Series, this one is also encyclopedic in vision yet reads like a detective novel. It goes through an analysis of the supposed "eye-witnesses'" testimonies and their contradictions and logical absurdities which expose those "witnesses" as charlatans and liars; the court cases and their verdicts, predetermined long in advance; and an analysis of the evolution of the claims about Sobibor - which only really started in 1947!

There is then an extensive discussion of the Nazis' policies and decisions as they evolved and changed from the start of the war up until the supposed homicidal implementation of the Final Solution, how that Final Solution, far from being homicidal, was in reality nothing more sinister than the total removal of Jews from the German sphere of influence - and is extensively documented as such; how the Madagascar plan was shelved in favour of evacuation towards the occupied eastern territories due to, among other things, the logistical problems of shipping millions of Jews to East Africa when the available shipping was needed for other things. There is also extensive discussion of the (non!)feasibility of the apparent murder installations themselves, which of course no right-minded German engineer (and no wrong-minded one either!) would ever dream of, never mind actually seriously contemplate and the total (and comical) inadequacy of the claimed disposal mechanisms, among much else besides.

As with all the series, despite the massive amount of work, travel and expense involved, this one is of course offered for free download at The Barnes Review and other places. It would of course be nice to see some of the official "history" made available for free - after all, it did apparently happen over 60 years ago. Or is making money from these outrageous lies the ultimate point?

But of course: there's no business like Shoah business!

Suggested further reading:
The rest of the Holocaust Handbook Series, available for free download online (Kindle versions in the pipeline, this one will probably be the first.) The series is pretty all-encompassing. For any newcomer to revisionist arguments I would specifically recommend, in this order:
1. Volume 15, Lectures On The Holocaust (Second Edition)
2. Volume 1, Dissecting The Holocaust (Second Edition)
3. Volume 2, The Rudolf Report (Second Edition)

Note: A properly formatted Kindle version is now available for download from the Internet Archive.
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