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27 February 2017
The Practitioner's Guide to Dublin is an excellent little resource book that will be of immediate interest to any fan of folklore, visitor to Dublin or even table top gamer.
The book takes the form of a fictional tour guide book, telling you of all the places with the most occult significance in the city, many of which might be a surprise to people who have already spent some time there. It does a good job in bringing together both the old and new and embracing all aspects of Ireland's evolving folklore. It details the different factions and groups at work in the city, drawing from the city's rich history to fill it with interesting characters. At numerous times while reading, I would come across a name so strange I knew it had to be real and would then spend about half an hour trying to follow up on it.
Perhaps the books strongest points are its narrative style and its ability to explain, while still leaving things a mystery. The narrative style is very conversational, so it does feel like you are being spoken to by a local as you read. This goes some way towards making it a believable experience. Meanwhile, the narrator carefully chooses what elements to go into deeper and which ones just to skim over, which leave intriguing points that you want to find out more about.
In terms of weaknesses, I would say that it does at times seem to expect a familiarity with Gaelic terms. On a number of occasions, I had to stop and look up meanings online, which rather broke immersion. This isn't a big issue, especially with ready access to the internet, but a glossary of terms might have been useful. There are also a few points where a closer editing might have been good, but I used to be an editor so I tend to be a bit hyper aware of such things in other people's writing (while of course being completely oblivious in my own). Due to its length and nature, it is a bit limited in scope. However, I feel that this book provides an excellent basis to build upon.
If you are a tabletop gamer, especially one who is interested in World of Darkness or the Dresden Files RPG, this is an excellent resource and a good place to find ideas.
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