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29 August 2014
Dylan Hearn has taken on a difficult task in writing this complex, near-future thriller, but for the most part he has succeeded admirably in his goal. Second Chance is a compulsively readable novel, which engages with some knotty political and philosophical issues while delivering a riveting plot arising from the interactions between a set of well-realised characters. The milieu Hearn has created feels lived-in, and the technologies that enable it are likewise credible. My quibbles with the book are fairly minor. I'd like to have known more about the world-changing revolution that precedes events in the book, as I found it somewhat hard to believe. Also the ending didn't quite wrap up enough of the plot strands to totally satisfy me. No doubt these strands will be picked up and developed further in the next book in the series, which I will definitely want to read. Overall this is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking first novel, which fully deserves a 4* rating. I've no doubt it will be succeeded by even better books by this talented writer. Recommended.
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4.6 out of 5 stars