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13 November 2016
I received this today, first of all, it's a digipak, God I hate these things. It's not even got a plastic tray to hold the disc, you just have to slide or heave it out of a cardboard sleeve (shudder). Musically it's a good representation of his 2016 concerts, well it is up to track nineteen, then it goes a little pear shaped. I think it's a missed opportunity, I honestly thought that the music on this cd was going to be recorded specially for this release,and indeed some of it was, I wasn't expecting it to have four original soundtracks put on the end, especially when one has reversed channels (For A Few Dollars More) and one is in mono (Fistful of Dollars). I stupidly (as it turns out) thought that Morricone had done new concert arrangements of these famous themes and I was so looking forwards to hearing them.
When it says, recorded in Prague, Dublin, London, Cologne, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Wroclaw!!!! I can only assume that the cd was recorded as the tour progressed and that it was decided to place the four original soundtrack themes on the end just to fill up the album.

To my ears though, they don't fit and it would have been preferable to leave the cd with just the concert pieces on.
Another gripe is that the eight page booklet has nothing inside about Maestro Morricone, it's just got the track listing and more pictures similar to the cover.

The concert pieces on here are good, the packaging is bad, and the inclusion of a mono Fistful of Dollars is downright ugly.
I thought that the presentation of the cd was bad, but the LP is worse, the tracklisting is full of mistakes, Deborah's Theme from Once Upon A Time In The West, Jill's Theme from Once Upon A Time In America, H2S from Once Upon A Time in The West, does nobody proof read these things. This was going to be the musical highlight of the year, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
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