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6 August 2014
Faced with finding her husband in their bed with another woman, Gemma runs. After an incident with a deer, she finally arrives at her childhood holiday home. And is delighted to find her childhood best friend, and first love, Andrew also spending the summer on the lake. After a blissful three months, life catches up with them, and Gemma is forced to face why she ran away, a long kept secret that could destoy her love for Drew, and Drew's real reason for running away from life for a while.

Ordinarily, when sent a book to review, the first thing I do, is visit Goodreads/Amazon to read the blurb and a couple of reviews if available. However, when sent this book, I could not find it, so I went into it totally blind. AND this is a good thing, believe me!

I'm not an emotional person when reading. I very, VERY rarely cry at books (Always, Kindle Alexander was the last). I get upset, angry, frustrated, annoyed, yes, all those, but I can count on one hand the times I've cried, great racking sobs, over a book. THIS book is one of those times.

For a while, as I was reading, I couldn't see myself giving this book more than 3 fangs. It plodded along, nicely, but still plodding. I could not see where it was going and how it would end.


It let loose! When Drew annouced his reason for being at the lake, and Gemma made her discovery, at about 60%, the book took off. And I spent the rest of this book in tears. I'm not kidding you, tears, for 40% of a book. I'm not going to go into plotlines or details, because one little slip will ruin it, but, oh, but you must read this book! Its got love, pain, hope, joy, desperation, and every single emotion known to man, all in 286 pages of astounding work. Its written entirely from Gemma's point of view, and you feel for her, you really do. As she relives that fateful night, the life she led after that, and how she lives now, and how Andrew fits into that life. As she deals with the repercussions of the incident with the deer, and how she deals with her husband's infidelity. And how she deals with the greatest gift of all.

I've filed this on my romance shelf, but also my paranormal shelf. I'm not going into WHY, just know that it will make you think, deeply.

Read it, please. Just make sure you are somewhere quiet, with a box of tissues, and time to read in one sitting.

5 fangs, but seriously, more if I could.
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