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Customer Review

on 28 July 2014
Since Windows 8 came out I have been reading reviews and the one thing I learned was I totally would hate it. It seemed to be touch screen based, it seemed to be going against all the good things that made Windows 7 the best OS I had used. (I started with 95).

However the day came when I wanted to build a new computer...so or windows 7 at the end of it's life almost or take the plunge? I got Windows 8.1.

I use the computer around 4 hours a day on weekdays and about a lot more at weekends. I do an awful lot of photography work on it. I told people I would probably be tearing my hair out with the new OS as everything I heard said it was rubbish. But I had noticed some reviewers saying 'no it isn't....people just don't like change'.

First impression when it loaded.

Looked great. No clue as to what I was supposed to do, but a few hours in I had got the basics. Some things were smart, some things hard. It looked and moved so much better then anything before, a plus, but finding stuff was a pain, and yes it slowed me down.


Was now actually preferring the new tile screen, especially as the all apps one was basically a lovely laid out start menu that didn't mean I had to scoll and then click an item to get the menu of that application....no here it was all laid out rather nicely. Quicker to find. Beginning to like this new system.


Love it. The start screen has my six most used photo applications on, so most of the time I don't have to go there. The full tile screen as everything else. Desktop....hardly use it. Amazing as I assumed |I'd download one of those applications to make windows 8 back to windows 7. No way now. Totally sold on the new interface. And NO....I do not have touch screen. I do photography, and no photographer would want a touch screen. You need to see details, colour; can't do that looking through a load of seamy finger marks. No I love windows 8.1 with a keyboard and mouse and it works beautifully.

Everything is so easy. And so many choices. Before I could limit my son's access to certain times. Now I can do that and put an overall block of a set number of hours as well. I can see what he has been doing, where he has gone on the web.

Applications, only one didn't work, a keyworder no longer supported by On-Asia...no business going there again as they said no to a part refund of my sub taken in April. Everything else worked straight out of the tin. Speed, quicker then windows 7 even with the same solid state harddrive. Aconis Back up software, 2010 version, worked with no problems.

Getting around Windows 8.1 is easy, fast. It all feels totally natural. The tile system works so well and is so adaptable. Spell check kicks in without you noticing on most things.


A lot of people find the change difficult. I did, but on reading several reviews that dared to suggest most of the problems were down to user's attitudes rather then a rubbish operating system, I opened my mind to give it a go, and so grateful to them for changing my mind on that. Shoot me for saying it but Windows 8.1 is the best OS I have used. It's sexy. It's fast. It's natural.

UPDATE 4 weeks in

Just cannot get used to how smooth and quick it is. It never falls over, and feels so natural to use. I really really wish I had got this months ago. I thought 7 was the best but now that's on my son's computer and even he is asking if he can have windows 8.1. If you are able to take change, and 8.1 is a big change, then it's is well worth it. I am a power user, but it really is quicker and easier to do things on here then in 7. I can't see why anyone would want to go back to the start menu when all your applications shows on the second title screen and you simply click on them, as opposed to scolling up, finding the app, opening that to reveal the options and then opening. Enough said, it's the best. Well done MS.
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