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on 9 January 2013
I bought this item based on very positive reviews and was impressed at how cheap it was, for what appeared to be a good, modern colour printer, which has WIFI. In the few months that I have had this, it has been out of action most of the time for one reason or another. I have had to change most of the cartridges at least once in six months- on extremely rare usage, and each time a colour cartridge goes, the printer refuses to operate- so you cannot print even if you only need to print in black. This wouldn't be so bad if the cartridge gauge were not so temperamental. Firstly, if you do not use original cartridges you get a message "cartridge not recognised", secondly the display messages can be very confusing- often telling me I need to change all 4 cartridges when I know that only one is a problem. Add to this that the cost of original cartridges is exorbitant- around £30 for a pack of four, and that the ink doesn't last very long at all as the printer uses up ink every time you switch it on (even if you are not using the colours), then you realise that you shouldn't be fooled by the initially low price of the printer. I am in dread of the next time I need to change the cartridge again, and would trade this for my modest old reliable printer any day (if only my builders hadn't thrown it in the skip!)
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on 11 November 2012
Epson Stylus Office BX305FW Plus A4 All-in-One Inkjet Printer (Print/Copy/Scan/Fax) - Colour
I bought this printer as the price was good, and I know from experience that Epson printers are reliable and produce quality prints. I like tha fact that it is a multi-tasker, although I do not use the fax facility, but the ability to be able to scan and photocopy is very useful. It is perhaps a little bulky, but I don't find that a problem, however if you have limited space this would not be the machine for you. It is quite loud as well, but not intrusively so! It printed extremely quicky in text mode, and very rapid photocopying, but printing high quality photos does take more time, but I just set it, load with paper and go off and do something else! I know that Epson inks are expensive, but there are plenty of compatable inks available that are good quality, and I have found that Epson printers normally work very well with compatables, although this one is still using the original cartridges, which is good, as they are full size ones with it, not low capacity testers. All in all this printer is a good, all round work horse, easy to install, easy to use and producing excellent printing, whether text or high grade photos. I would recommend this without hesitation for a great printer at a budget price.
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on 2 October 2016
I found this to be a very good printer while it worked if a little loud.
It had a nice compact size, a good layout and reasonably good functions. Only thing I did not like was the rear paper feed.

However, when I came back from a 6 week holiday I found all the nozzles on the printers had clogged up and I could not get it to work again. My own fault I know but......
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on 18 April 2012
Printer is slow, quality when set on economy could be better. Have to make most decisions through PC, i.e., cannot resume two sided printing at printer when you turn over pages, have to go back to PC to resume - bit if a pain.
I had a Lexmark wireless, only got this printer due to the price of lexmark inks and the fact that the inks could not be refilled. Ink for this printer are cheap and cartridges are refillable.
Quite noisy.
For the price, the printer is good, does what it should, I have just been spoiled by a previously superior printer. If you had no knowledge of other printers, this would be a super buy.
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on 26 November 2012
Bought this printer in May 2012 and have given it a fair trial. Its a good printer but be prepared to think the sky is falling in when it takes the paper through as it seems as if it wants to shake itself apart. I got used to this.
The other thing that is so frustrating is that the paper feed is the most difficult one I have ever had to use half the time it will not take the paper through the first time and if you want to use a thicker card as printing a birthday card etc its so temperamental. Luckily for me I do not make cards that often and now use my husbands HP photo printer (have promised to pay for the ink) This is a shame as the quality of what it does print is good.
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on 3 April 2013
This has proved to be a great printer purchase, whilst I have always been sceptical of Epson products having had them fail on me in the past in the printer ink department, this one has restored my faith! It doesn't get heavy use, but the quality is great for what we want, and the wireless function is perfect and easy to setup. We used to use WEP, but have now stepped upto WPA2 following a change of ISP. You can use cheap 'copy' cartridges and they also work well, and replacing them is very easy. I think we paid about £50, which makes it one of the best £50 we've ever spent!
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on 2 June 2012
Having read many reviews on the many printers out there, I settled for the Epson Stylus range as my previous printer was Epson and I had been very happy with it before it became an outdated item.
I chose this model for it's advertised basic but efficient functions (which is all I need for now) and the price range was attractive. Most attractive to me was it operated with WiFi.

Setting up was as simple as promised but the connecting to WiFi did have me head scratching at times learning, for me, the new jargon. But once done, all went well and Hey Presto! I printed through WiFi...for that day and the next......that was it!! After that, no connection, so no printing. I figured that I might have lost information by switching the printer off so, as per the manual instruction, I uninstalled and re-installed with success.......for 2 days and again lost connection.

I immediately got onto Epson dealers and through a computer chat program, whilst very helpful and did everything right, actually got me nowhere and did not sort out the problem. In the end, I re-installed the whole program and went for the USB connection. This works well and easily. So why WiFi if it doesn't work?

If the WiFi worked, I would give a 5 star rating and by the way I am not alone with this problem, friend of mine with a Canon WiFi printer has had the same problem and resorted to the good old USB cable.
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on 11 October 2012
Having used HP printers in my home studio-office for the last ten years without a hitch, I opted to try an Epson when my last HP suddenly broke down after two years for no conceivable reason. Reviews on Amazon seemed generally good, and I thought I would give it a go - for light home use, how wrong can you go, I wondered. The BX305FW was simple enough to install, but good lord, the trouble I've had with it since then.....Firstly, the machine seems to only recognise official Epson ink cartridges: fair enough, you might say, but how alarming is it when having thrown out the generic ones that wouldn't work the printer failed to recognise official Epson ones for three whole days, whilst I tore my hair out trying to figure out why? Eventually, and for no discernable reason, it did accept the 'real' ones, but then the paper feeder decided to play up, and time and again the copies would jam and the print run get screwed up. Often, once the jam had been cleared, the machine would fail to recognise it, and would refuse to budge from its (excruciatingly slow) scrolling message across the screen telling me to open the thing up and remove the jam. On several occasions my only remedy has been to turn the whole thing off, not once, but three times in succession, in order to get the thing to reset. Having had it for three months and been brought close to serious bodily harm by its combination of maddening little errors and ticks, and the obviously desperately poor paper-feeding mechanism, I had to leave my home office for two months in Ireland, where - as luck would have it - the office is equipped with another, cheaper, Epson printer. Imagine my entertainment as the paper feeder on this product jams on average once every second job - the colleague who tried to replace the ink cartridges with bona fide Epson ones contemplated hara-kiri after twenty-five minutes of not succeeding in getting the machine to recognise its own.

So fed up am I with both the Epson at home and the one here in Ireland, that I've decided to replace my home one with a more expensive HP model as soon as I get back. I'd rather spend £150 on what I know will be a hardworking and very-low maintenance machine and write off the Epson purchase altogether. I feel like asking for my money back from Epson: never once in ten years with HP did I experience anything like the aggro and sheer exasperation of dealing with the totally inferior Epson machines. My strong advice to anyone contemplating purchasing an Epson for a home office is to look again at some other make - your life will be an awful lot simpler, and your doctor would probably strongly recommend the reduction in stress levels. You will also be able to afford that holiday you were planning, as you won't be spending such a fortune on Epson ink as yet another cartridge runs out after a matter of minutes, it seems.
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on 24 April 2012
Extremely pleased with this printer. Ordered over the Easter weekend because my Epson SX218 packed up exactly 1 year and 1 month after purchase and I run a business from home so was desperate for a printer and one that could handle large amounts of printing without the heads clogging every second like the Epson SX218.

Easy to set up (I opted not to set up as a wireless but with USB (not included int he box) and I have not set up the fax yet. But used the printer within 30 minutes of setting up and printed pretty much for the rest of the day. I have to say that I was a little worried how far the initial ink included would last so ordered some extra compatible inks as a back up - but didn't need for at least a week. In the first 2 days I printed approximately 300 pages and 100 labels which were both black & white and colour and with no problems at all which is signficantly more thatn what the description says you will get from the medium sized Epson Inks. - when the ink is almost finished a dialouge box comes up that gives you an option to get more ink out the cartridge by allowing the printer to mix the colours - I did this (though this dialouge box comes up every time you want print) - but is was worth it as this is what allowed me to get easily an extra 100 pages out of the cartridges. So well pleased.

Copying, scanning & printing is quick with no problems though the printer is alot noiser than I expected.

I gave four stars because someone else mentioned the same issue I have the LCD screen is poor unlike the Epson SX218 with a large LCD screen in colour and with back light which allows you to know which ink needs to be changed so you don't have to be on your computer to know this - this printer lcd screen is in one colour black, it is small andthere is no backlight and no option to brighten the screen so I find myself having to get really close to the printer to figure out what the screen is saying. For a printer of this size, price and quality for office use you would think that the lcd screen would at least be the standard of the Epson SX218 - so it is disappointing.

Apart from that really pleased - because I do a huge amount of printing daily and this is holding up so far
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on 9 July 2012
Epson Stylus Office BX305FW Plus A4 All-in-One Inkjet Printer (Print/Copy/Scan/Fax) - Colour I love epson printers and this one is no exception. It's great having a wireless printer. The scanner is perfect for my needs and so is the copier. I have not used the fax as I seldom send them, but it's still handy to have one for that odd occasion when I need one. The only downside is the cost of ink but then I knew that before I bought the printer and that didn't put me off.
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